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Proactive, automated patient engagement anywhere, anytime

Population Health

Learn how Reid Hospital optimized NextGen Population Health to implement chronic disease management and wellness care.

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An unmanaged patient population affects everyone

Automating care management to improve population health

Accountable Care is driving dramatic changes in how practices are run. The responsibility for managing patient health, whether they are compliant or not, is shifting to you, the physician. As care-related ”risk” shifts from payers to providers, NextGen Population Health makes it easy for you to manage the health of your entire patient panel, so you can identify gaps in care, particularly in your high-risk patients.

NextGen Population Health helps you deliver the most appropriate preventative care and treatment based on the patient’s condition, risk and severity of illness.

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A better way to manage your patients’ health

Why reach out to only 50 patients when you can reach 1,000 with a single alert?

Fully integrated with NextGen solutions; no interface required

NextGen Population Health leverages up-to-date quality measures and published guidelines defined in NextGen HQM for quality reporting such as PQRS, NCQA, NQF, and MU.

Essential to Collaborative Care and ACO

NextGen Population Health augments NextGen Ambulatory EHR to enable you identify at-risk patients; analyze and provide appropriate treatment; improve costly chronic disease management; and monitor results over time to help ensure that the health and wellness of patient populations improve.

See how to document a patient encounter in seconds!

Watch the population health demo now

Track outcomes with configurable reports and dashboards

NextGen Population Health provides out-of-the-box reports and dashboards for you to track patient communications and outcomes analysis augmenting NextGen Ambulatory EHR for quality initiative reporting such as MU, NCQA, and ACO. Below are few standard report choices:

  • Outreach Communications by Patient & Providers
  • Outreach Performance by Patient
  • Treatment Opportunities by Practice
  • Expected Revenue by Practice

With NextGen Population Health (NextGen PH), you can proactively, automatically, and systematically reach out to your entire patient panel. Managing the health of the “patient community” is now fundamental to meet criteria for MU, PCMH, and ACOs. Practices that have achieved PCMH certification receive better reimbursement from many payers.

  • Reduce “avoidable” ED visits
  • Fewer avoidable hospitalizations
  • Fewer readmissions
  • More care in lower cost setting
  • Deliver quality care outcomes
  • Per-member per-month for patient management
  • Reimbursement for screenings
  • Shared savings opportunities

Sample potential ROI for an automated flu vaccination campaign

Potential additional revenue with mid-level clinician

One provider generates = 800 appointments = additional $20,000 annually

Imagine appointments scheduled from automated outreach to 2,500 patients

How We're Different

NextGen PH is integrated with NextGen Ambulatory EHR, NextGen Practice Management, and NextGen Dashboard solutions (no third-party interfaces required)

Improve patient engagement through preferred outreach communication, including: NextGen Patient Portal, Phone & IVR, Text, Email

Client Success
  • As physicians, we know that it can be a challenge to find the time and resources to make the most of your software investment and keep up with the impact of government regulations of your use of health information technology. We are here to help make your transitions and implementations smooth and to educate you on how to use your system to meet quality and regulatory requirements.

    — Dr. Sarah Corley, Chief Medical Officer, NextGen Healthcare

  • NextGen Population Health fills an important gap between patient communication and patient health management. Formerly we would dedicate hours of staff time to attempt to contact a small percentage of patients about important events. Now, with the click of a button, we can communicate with all of our at-risk patients in a stratified approach in only seconds. NextGen Population Health has improved the way we care for our patients. NextGen Population Health has completed the way we care for our patients.

    — Patrick Stevenson, Director of IT, Infinity Primary Care, West Bloomfield, MI

  • Watch the Infinity Primary Care success story. After successfully engaging patients with the Patient Portal, Infinity Primary Care is doing the same with Population Health, using it in conjunction with NextGen Ambulatory EHR and Patient Portal to proactively reach out to patients.

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