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Eliminate 75% of the tedium and frustration of medical billing with automated charge review

The NextGen Charge Review Rules Engine combines custom and specialty-specific rules with automation to review and correct charge data from your EHR before charges are passed to your PM system. Reduce operating costs, capture missed revenue, and accelerate insurance payments.

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Experience the benefits of NextGen Charge Review Rules Engine
Gain a billing automation partner
A rules engine is the application of artificial intelligence to medical billing. Our team translates your staff’s knowledge into customized rules for automated charge review. The rules engine finds the same coding issues your team would have to find manually.
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Save time
The NextGen Charge Review Rules engine fixes billing errors at the front end of the revenue cycle—between the EHR and the PM system. This saves time by reducing need for later-stage manual review and corrections and preventing denied claims.
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Get paid faster
NextGen Rules Engine finds and automatically corrects a significant portion of errors. It increases the accuracy of information delivered to the PM system, which in turn increases the likelihood your practice will send out clean claims and get paid faster.
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Decrease your staff’s repetitive workload
Based on experience, about 75% of charges pass through all rules and go directly into the PM system or are auto-corrected and then delivered to the PM system—these charges don’t need any review or correction by your staff.
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Free staff for higher-level tasks
Free your staff to focus on tasks other than location of billing errors, such as management of pre-authorizations, patient pay collections, or denials. Elimination of repetitive tasks and opportunities for higher level problem-solving may reduce stress and enhance workplace motivation.
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Capture missed revenue
Medical billing codes are automatically reviewed against specialty, custom, and regulatory rules. This supports compliance with payer requirements, detection of errors, reporting of quality measures, and compliance with requirements under value-based contracts. Increased coding accuracy helps ensure full reimbursement.
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Prevent denials
Tools such as claims scrubbing technology, in-line edits, and a rules engine analyze charges and claims and automate edits, significantly increasing the percentage of clean claims. Clean claims help prevent denials which equals an accelerated cash flow and more revenue.

Advantages of NextGen Rules Engine

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Charge data delivery
The NextGen Charge Review Rules Engine sits between the EHR and the PM system. Charge data is fed to the rules engine from the EHR.
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Automatic review
The rules engine automatically reviews every charge to ensure coding accuracy. If coding discrepancies are not detected, the charges pass immediately to your PM system.
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Accelerate insurance payments with NextGen Healthcare Rules Engine.
Charge error resolution
If an error is identified, the rules engine either automatically corrects it, or if in-depth review is needed, sends it to billing staff for resolution.
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Full system integration
NextGen Rules Engine integrates with your EHR and PM systems. This gives a boost to any existing NextGen Healthcare PM solutions and optimizes operations.
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Tap into the power of a full rules engine for success in your practice.
Understanding automated charge review
Here’s a short overview of the automated charge review workflow and how it enhances medical billing—plus some great examples of how medical practices have benefited from this remarkable medical billing solution.
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“Professionals who work in the delivery of healthcare need to be aware of how much the NextGen Charge Review Rules Engine can impact their business. I truly think that this solution could be an industry standard.”
Alex Suarez
Informatics Specialist
Stuart Cardiology Group
Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial
NextGen Healthcare was ranked #1 EHR in 6–10, 11–25, and 26–99 Physician Groups (All Specialties) and #1 PM solution in all Physician Groups with 6–99 providers in the 2023 Ambulatory EHR PM User Survey.
#1 PM According to Black Book Research
Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial
"The NextGen Charge Review Rules Engine has improved our financial outcomes significantly. We have seen a reduction in billing errors and in denials. We're finding areas where we need to improve, making improvements, and seeing fewer errors."
Vanessa Ayala
Specialty Billing Supervisor
OMNI Family Health
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