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Specialty-based medical coding to help your practice deliver clean claims

Accurate medical coding is a crucial component of submitting clean claims. Your practice management solution should provide automation and expert-driven processes to enhance coding and decrease time spent reviewing codes by staff.

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Use coding to overcome payment delays and errors in your ambulatory practice.
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Experience the benefits of effective medical coding support
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Clear view with change control
A coding solution should offer built-in steps to provide feedback and make reporting available on changes to medical coding. Charge control features, such as a log of changes made and why, give you instant visibility into medical coding corrections.
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Certified coders to increase accuracy
Medical coding standards are increasingly complex and can vary between specialties. A certified medical coder is trained in these regulations and requirements to be better prepared to translate physician reports into accurate medical codes.
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Automated edits for clean claims
NextGen In-line Edits provide enables quick correction of coding errors and reduces claim denials via automated real-time edits at the encounter level. It reduces denials significantly by editing billing before claims creation.
Automated charge review
A rules engine uses custom, specialty-specific rules along with automation to review and correct charge data before it enters the PM system. This eliminates 75% of the need for coding review and speeds up payments.
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Staff training for coding excellence
A top-rated practice management solution means little if your staff isn’t able to use it. Your staff should be trained in coding, regulatory mandates, and coding best practices to get the most out of your solution.
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Coding compliance audits
Our AAPC, AHIMA, and specialty certified coding specialists can help reduce worry about coding compliance with a thorough audit of your coding process, ensuring that it meets all regulatory requirements.


Advantages of NextGen Healthcare coding solutions

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Coding automation tools
Tools such as claims scrubbing technology, in-line edits, and a rules engine can help to analyze charges and claims and automate edits for accurate coding.
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Full compliance support
Your practice management software should support your staff in staying up to date on current coding and compliance requirements, such as ICD 10 updates.
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An integrated approach
Your EHR and PM system should operate as one unified platform and incorporate coding optimization features. Charge entry, coding, documentation, and billing should work together seamlessly.
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Mobile medical coding
With NextGen Mobile Plus, you can enter diagnosis codes and complete charge capture on your smartphone. Search and find a diagnosis or CPT-4 code by description or by code.
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"NextGen Healthcare solutions help us with the data that it pulls out—the reports make it easy. They give you all of the information you need so you can make better decisions."
Maria Zendejas
Billing Director
Altura Centers for Health
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“One of the things I like about NextGen Healthcare is the tasking feature because doctors can enter a task in the electronic practice management (EPM), and it goes straight to me, making it easy for us to communicate.”
Angela Robbins
Billing Manager
Michiana Eye Center
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"NextGen software has improved financial outcomes by using the Smartlogic to map to the appropriate dental codes. So, the right codes have improved the bottom line."
Parisa Payman
Chief Dentist
Toiyabe Indian Health Project
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