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Single, integrated multi-specialty EHR platform for all aspects of care

An award-winning EHR platform that’s CURES-certified supports seamless interoperability and allows providers easy access to a patient’s complete health record. Multi-specialty groups can ensure consistency across workflows, easy training, and seamless reporting with an integrated health IT platform.

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Meet clinical, telehealth, and RCM goals

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Enterprise EHR
Experience scalable enterprise architecture, designed for multi-specialty and multi-facility clinical content that includes pre-built medical, behavioral, and dental clinical workflows. The solution is certified by the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT).
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Integrated virtual visits
Conduct virtual visits that are integrated into your EHR and PM systems. Share screens, pass documents, chat with patients, invite a third party or interpreter, all within the virtual visit.
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Intuitive mobile health
An integrated extension to your EHR solution enables providers to quickly complete clinical tasks and document encounters. Streamline workflows and reduce burdensome documentation tasks.
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Frictionless interoperability
Advance your care coordination as you connect with hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), and non-NextGen Healthcare systems.
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Benefits of integrated health IT solutions
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Integrated solution for all aspects of care
Providers only learn one system regardless of specialty. Workflows are consistent, training is easier, and reporting is seamless.
Regular EHR technology updates are critical.
Workflow manager and background business processor
Benefit from robust demographic, scheduling, and reporting, as well as operationalize your workflows and processes.
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Rules-based charge creation
Accelerate the speed and accuracy of turning charges into revenue. Enable simple rule customizations and deliver unprecedented auto-correction capabilities.
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Stabilize your revenue
Get every dollar you earn and maximize financial performance with solutions that capture revenue at the lowest cost.
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Streamlined virtual visits
Enhance the patient experience while decreasing staff time spent on tedious tasks. Manage virtual visits conveniently, cost-effectively, and safely.
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Simplify data exchange through Carequality integration. Consolidate data from disparate sources for a single source of truth with a vendor-agnostic data integration engine.
EMR and practice management software design for large multispecialty practices.
Bridges Health Partners supports physician-led care teams with vital population health data
Learn how this physician-led organization provides top-quality care at the lowest cost possible.
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Award-winning EHR designed for unique needs of multispecialty medical practices.
Excellent results: new multi-specialty clients
See what clients have achieved with specialty-based support, managed services, and technology that drives a better revenue cycle.
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NextGen Healthcare was the only comprehensive solution to provide unmatched provider and patient experience through configurability, flexibility, and scalability while addressing the needs of a growing organization like ours with multiple lines of service.

Carl Coyle, MSW
Chief Executive Officer Liberty Resources
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