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Improve clinical processes and facilitate outpatient procedures with an integrated neurology EHR

Leverage a CURES-certified, award-winning EHR and neurology practice management solution to enable your practice to increase efficiency, improve financial outcomes, and meet industry demands.

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Leverage neurology software solutions designed to support your practice

A doctor processing neurological appointments on her laptop
Before the visit
Send epilepsy check-in appointment reminders and remind patients to bring in their referral paperwork.
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A nurse checking in a patient at a front-desk computer
View the patient's responses to neurological clinical queries and securely transfer completed interviews and questionnaires to the patient record.
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A doctor documenting a neurological appointment on his smartphone
During the visit
Document each neurology appointment as it happens with a mobile device to optimize clinical workflow and EHR compliance.
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A doctor submitting post-care instructions via patient portal on her laptop
Send procedure documentation back to the referring provider in real time.
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A doctor submitting post-care instructions via patient portal on his laptop
After the visit
Securely send patient epilepsy education materials and information on online payment options.
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When it comes to capturing data, we can be creative with NextGen solutions. This helps us with strategic planning and in maximizing reimbursement.
Mary Cloninger
CEO Carolina Neurosurgery and Spine Associates
Benefits of an award-winning, integrated EHR
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Mobile solutions
Support multiple documentation options to ensure practices can ease providers’ workloads and allow them to focus more time on patient care.
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Integrated PACS
Leverage an image-enabled neurology EHR to complete an entire clinical viewing and reporting workflow without having to exit and reopen the EHR.
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Automatic insurance eligibility check
Automate neurological billing, statements, and claims and save significant time during patient check-in.
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Seamless interoperability
Ensure frictionless health information exchange between neurology practices, hospitals, ASCs, and non-NextGen systems.
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Success Community
Join the neurology group of the Success Community to access solution support, as well as documentation and educational resources.
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