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From integration to innovation, connect systems with ease

Use the world's most popular integration engine to be more productive in your business. Natively support and integrate with the most common system and healthcare standards. Our intuitive editor lets your team choose between drag-and-drop building or advanced scripting to meet your needs.

8 Key Interoperability Questions You Should Be Asking
Learn how to create the most scalable and flexible IT infrastructure in this concise, yet powerful e-book.
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Experience the benefits of Mirth Connect
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Feature-Rich Integration
Leverage a robust suite of data transformation tools, including protocol conversions and advanced mapping, to address specific complexities of healthcare data exchange.
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Platform-Agnostic Compatibility
Seamlessly communicate between various systems and technologies. Our engine breaks down the barriers between software, enabling smooth data flow across your entire network.
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Intuitive Message Mapping
Make complex data transformations simple and intuitive for all skill levels. Create, test, and deploy channel mappings easily to ensure all your data speaks the same language.
Regular EHR technology updates are critical.
Scalability and Performance
Ensure reliable performance at all scales with an integration engine designed for high volume and high throughput workloads. Whether you're connecting two systems or two hundred, Mirth Connect is built to exceed your data integration demands.
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Training Courses and Certifications
Empower your team with Mirth Connect's comprehensive training courses. Gain in-depth knowledge, from basic functionality to advances features, through our hands-on learning experiences.
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World-Class Support
Gain peace of mind with Mirth Connect Premium Support. Our interoperability experts can help ensure your integration engine runs smoothly and your operations remain uninterrupted.
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The Fundamental Building Blocks of Interoperability
Take a deep dive into Mirth Connect by NextGen Healthcare. Explore strategies and solutions to help you centralize health data and provide clear, secure, and open communication across disparate systems and locations.
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I’ve been using interface engines for about 25 years, and Mirth Connect Integration Engine, by far, blows away the other three engines I’ve worked with.

Robert Werner
(Former) Senior Interface Developer University of Toledo Medical Center

Better interoperability for all

Purpose-build solutions to support organizations of all sizes.

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Mirth Connect Premium

Enterprise-grade interoperability

For organizations looking to improve their interoperability

  • Supercharged productivity with commercial extensions
  • Flexible licensing options
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Unlimited channels

Additional advanced capabilities

  • SSL and certificate management
  • Channel history
  • FHIR connectors
  • 13+ additional extensions!
Mirth Channels Mirth FHIR Mirth SSL
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Support, Training, & Services

Expert guidance from interop veterans

Prepare your organization for success

  • Take industry-recognized fundamental and advanced certification training courses.
  • Leverage our professional services to assist in custom channel development, consulting, and optimization initiatives.
  • Depend on world-class support during emergencies. We troubleshoot issues, share best practices, and keep your infrastructure up and running.
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Advancing interoperability globally
St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust know firsthand the impact Mirth Connect Integration can have on health data exchange. Read the case study and find out how they get the most out of their interoperability infrastructure.
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Latest release: Mirth Connect 4.5
Packed with features to expand your organization's interoperability capabilities, the latest release of Mirth Connect reflects our commitment to organizations worldwide to support healthy communities with seamless integration.
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New debugger
Enable users to debug channels to help find issues. Choose which scripts and transformers to debug
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New security features
Leverage a notification option, consent option, and an automatic time-out/log-out option
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New efficiency features
Import multiple channels at one time and enable a disabled channel upon deployment

Mirth Connect FAQs

  • The main differences between Mirth Connect Open Source and Mirth Connect Premium are in their support, features, and intended usage.


    • Mirth ® Connect Open Source – Freely available and offers core integration capabilities, making it suitable for users willing to self-support or who require basic integration functionalities.

    • Mirth ® Connect Premium – Provides advanced and enterprise-grade features, including enhanced security tools, extensions that facilitate rapid implementation, and dedicated support services. Tailored for organizations seeking comprehensive integration solutions with guaranteed support and updates, ensuring more secure, scalable, and efficient healthcare data exchange.

  • • Mirth ® Connect – A licensed integration engine that your organization is responsible for owning and operating. With Mirth Connect, you will build and support interfaces in house.

    • Mirth ® Cloud Connect – A fully managed interoperability-as-a-service offering. Mirth Cloud Connect is deployed in the AWS cloud and completely managed on your behalf. We work with you to scope, design, implement, test, deploy, and support any interfaces your business needs.

  • No. Commercial extensions are only available as part of a Mirth Connect Premium license.

  • Yes. We offer a variety of hosting options for our Mirth Connect Premium customers. Your organization can choose to self-host, host in our co-located US data centers, or host in our AWS cloud environment. We will work with you to determine which option is best for your business.

  • Yes. We have multiple offerings aimed at helping you get up and running with Mirth. When you purchase a Mirth Connect Premium license hosted by NextGen Healthcare, we set up all necessary server infrastructure needed for your business to take advantage of Mirth Connect.


    If you need assistance developing interfaces, we offer ad-hoc Professional Services engagements. Or if your organization would like to have us completely manage implementing, supporting, and maintaining your interfaces, inquire about our fully managed Mirth Cloud Connect service offering.

  • We offer simple flat-fee annual licensing for each server using our commercial software. We do not charge per interface or data source in Mirth Connect Premium. There are two tiers of Mirth Connect Premium each including a collection of commercial extensions and support cases depending on the size and needs of your business.

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