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Make patient intake easier for all

Create a smoother experience for patients and staff with easier, digital patient intake forms. With an integrated, digital approach to patient intake, physicians and other providers get the health data they need without overburdening an understaffed front desk.

Empower Your Patients—Find the Perfect Patient Engagement Solution
Make it easier for people to connect to your practice and get the most out of your care.

Advantages of NextGen Patient Engage

Patient communications
Send configurable text/email appointment reminders and confirmations easily to reduce no-shows and call volume. These messages (English or English/Spanish) come with linked directions to the practice.
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Broadcast messaging
Deliver an alert system that reaches all patients or a subset of patients by text and email to inform them of changes in practice hours, emergencies, or other updates.
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Pre-check process
Benefit from a convenient and seamless way to ensure accurate demographics, insurance, medical history, and other information, as well as obtain consent forms. This also furthers the convenience of virtual visits.
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Capture clinical data
With Instant Medical History (IMH), patients can fill out clinical forms online from anywhere on most devices. Patient information automatically populates in the EHR/PM system.
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Through integration with NextGen® Pay powered by InstaMed, patients can know what they owe, and pay copays and outstanding balances before the appointment. This helps ensure faster, more efficient collections.
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Curbside check-in
Utilize a safer patient arrival management tool for patients of pediatric, OB/GYN, and other practices during inclement weather and high-risk infection seasons.
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Benefits of our digital intake solutions
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Reduce data entry
No more keying in handwritten information. Patient intake data automatically populates within the EHR and practice management system. There’s less room for error because your staff no longer needs to figure out patients’ handwriting.
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Make encounters more productive
A more convenient and seamless pre-check process creates a positive practice environment and helps make patient encounters more productive. Reduced data entry and better management of data enable more time to focus on patient care.
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New opportunities for your practice
Help get patients more comfortable with communicating with your practice online—and open doors to other opportunities, such as online payments and virtual visits, creating new avenues for care delivery and revenue.
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Reduce no-shows and phone volume
Configure and send text/email appointment reminders and confirmations easily to reduce no-shows and phone volume. These messages may be in English or Spanish and include linked directions to the practice.
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Minimize errors from scanning
Scanning forms into the EHR consumes time and increases the chance of errors. Patient intake data gathered online or during an in-office appointment through a digital pen goes directly into the EHR.
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A better patient and staff experience
Digital intake solutions are more convenient and make waiting rooms less crowded. The patient submits information from the comfort of their home, alleviating the burden of data collection and entry on your staff.

Advantages of NextPen

  • The effort to collect patient data and then perform time-consuming data entry can weigh heavily on staff. NextPen structured data forms help alleviate this burden by enabling patients to do their own data entry.
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  • Scanning consent forms into the EHR consumes time and increases the chances of errors. Patient data gathered through NextPen goes directly into the EHR without the need to scan.
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  • A computer in the room can be a distraction. NextPen allows providers to capture data using traditional and comfortable pen and paper technology without using a scribe or later having to transcribe the data into the EHR.
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  • When a provider uses a mouse on their computer to illustrate a clinical topic, it can be clumsy, inaccurate, and slow. NextPen enables providers to draw images in color without the need to scan them later.
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  • During home visits or any visit outside the four walls of a clinic, providers can use NextPen to capture patient data, even without connectivity, and quickly transfer it into the EHR back at the office.
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Patients write in the forms, which translate into a digital format on a template that stretches back to the providers. They see this data originally put in by the patients.

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Chief Information Officer La Maestra Community Health Centers
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