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Get it right with NextGen Healthcare's practical, hands-on EMR systems training

Access expert training on your EMR and other NextGen Healthcare solutions. Start with short online content followed by hands-on exercises using a training database. Then attend a trainer-led session, online or onsite, to validate mastery of each new skill.

Give your team confidence to achieve its goals

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Real-world focus
Your physicians, providers, and staff train only the content they will use in their day-to-day work, nothing more and nothing less.
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Your complete solution
We’ll train your team on how use the entire solution purchased and implemented by your practice, with an emphasis on patient experience and business outcomes.
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The right timeframe
Training will take place in a timeframe that fits your team’s learning and business needs and the implementation project for your solution.
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Instill confidence
Your team will be trained to a level where they can independently and confidently use the NextGen solution your practice has implemented.
Benefits of training from NextGen Healthcare
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A hands-on, practical approach
Training is organized by standard topics. Your team members study only essential topics, which can be completed by eLearning in minutes. They practice using everyday scenarios. We provide just-in-time help and online support.
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Easy-to-use digital training tools
Enjoy the flexibility to take training anywhere, anytime. Digestible, topic-based e-modules and hands-on practice exercises are readily available. A mobile app give your healthcare team an opportunity to learn with maximum convenience. We also provide online or onsite trainer-led sessions.
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Expert health IT team access
Receive training from a NextGen Healthcare EMR systems experts who make sure that your staff can use all of your NextGen solutions—EHR, practice management system, virtual visits, patient portal, mobile, analytics, and others—to meet practice goals.
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Get the most from award-winning software
We ensure your team learns the skills necessary for your practice to experience the full benefits of all NextGen solutions you’ve implemented. Workflow training is specific to your organization.
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Live training sessions for complex topics
Enjoy the advantage of having an expert trainer lead your physicians and staff through training sessions for topics that are too complex to go it alone.
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A foundation for long-term partnership
When you adopt our health IT solutions, you are getting a long-term service partner to benefit your practice as well as software. We take this starting period seriously, so we ensure your staff is trained for long-term success.

The online content provided a solid foundation that enabled us to get the most out of our 1:1 scheduled training time. Covering the basics online accelerated our training strategy and optimized our time with the trainer.

Casey Cottam
Chief Operating Officer ClinicAnywhere

The results speak for themselves

NextGen Healthcare takes pride in how our solutions help practices like yours deliver better healthcare outcomes. We are almost as proud of the recognition of we’ve received.
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