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What doesn't bend, breaks. Keep your orthopedic practice flexible and efficient with an award-winning EHR and practice management solution.

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Benefits of NextGen Healthcare for Orthopedics
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Mobile EHR functionality
Document the way you want and save time with mobile dictation, transcription, and remote scribe with seamless EHR integration. Mobile solutions streamline workflows and reduce transcription costs, saving time and money.
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Integrated PACS
Complete an entire clinical viewing and reporting workflow in your EHR with image-enabled orthopedic-integrated PACS.
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Streamlined care delivery
Streamline clinical workflows with specialty-specific and configurable content, such as surgery scheduling, built for orthopedic practices.
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Improved patient experience
Inspire patients to engage in their healthcare with virtual visits, secure messaging, and online scheduling and payment options. You can process patients much faster as you solidify your practice’s reputation.
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Efficient financial management
Recover everything you’ve earned with configurable, turnkey contract audit and recovery features. Accelerate the speed and accuracy of turning charges into revenue with automated charge creation and custom coding rules.
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Powerful interoperability
Seamlessly communicate with orthopedic practices, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and non-NextGen Healthcare systems—no matter the vendor. Interoperability makes it easier to coordinate care and provides a comprehensive view of patient health.


Solutions tailored for orthopedics

A patient scheduling an orthopedics appointment from the comfort of her couch on a laptop
Easier patient access
With an aging patient population and changing reimbursement models, making payments as easy and as accessible as possible is crucial.
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A doctor updating patient data on a mobile phone while making a home visit
Deliver care anywhere
Leverage mobile solutions to document in the EHR hands-free, while managed cloud hosting allows you to interact with your patient’s data from anywhere.
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See more patients
A more flexible and efficient practice enables you to see more patients and attract new ones.
A doctor configuring his custom orthopedic forms on a laptop
Configurable orthopedic content
Save time with comprehensive orthopedic-specific HPIs, physical exams, assessments, and care plans. Easily manage surgery scheduling with a workflow designed for orthopedics.

The providers at OrthoAlaska were very accustomed to a dictation workflow, so mobile was an easy answer. Not just for the dictation piece; it gave providers the ability to look through the chart, they could dictate letters on the fly.

Daniel Inscore
EHR/Practice Management Development and Analytics Orthopedic Physicians Alaska, a division of OrthoAlaska LLC
Award-winning EMR software helps orthopedic practices serve patients more efficiently.
Results that show growth
See how orthopedic practices excel with specialty-based support, managed services, and technology to manage their revenue cycle better.
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