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An EHR as carefully crafted as the urology care you provide

Increase efficiency with an award-winning, CURES-certified EHR with urology-specific workflows, including cystoscopy, prostate destruction-rezum, BCG-advanced catheter, and horizontal patient tracker. Rely on mobile, cloud hosting, and interoperability solutions to achieve clinical optimization throughout your practice.

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Reduce documentation burdens
Learn how Mobile technology can significantly improve the EHR user experience and help drive better clinical outcomes.
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Benefits of urology-centric health IT solutions
Choose your mobile path
Leverage mobile solutions to ensure physicians can easily complete clinical tasks, document detailed patient encounters, and streamline collaboration between the patient's coordinated care team anywhere, anytime. Options include remote scribe services, transcription services, live scribe, speech-to-text, and direct-to-desktop (D2D).
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Improve patient engagement
Encourage patients to engage in virtual visits, secure messaging, and online scheduling. Save time with automatic insurance eligibility verification, along with pre-check, consent forms, PACS and lab integration, and patient-reported outcomes.
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Maximize enterprise capabilities
Enterprise architecture includes a single source of truth, analytics, and real-time reporting. No layer of complexity is too great to manage.
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Reduce security risks
Provided in collaboration with Amazon Web Services, gain peace of mind with NextGen Managed Cloud Services to make your data as secure as possible.
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Improve health data exchange
Overcome fragmented connectivity and access meaningful clinical insights with less healthcare integration complexity. Achieve seamless interoperability across the board that includes the exchange of PACS, lab results, and care team community collaboration.
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Receive support from urology-technology specialists
With a clear understanding of urology, we work closely with your care team to ensure your practice maximizes the benefits of our solutions.


Solutions tailored to your surgical urology needs

A Patient scheduling their own healthcare appointment on a smartphone
Before the visit
Allow patients to schedule their appointments online and receive reminders for required documents ahead of time, reducing in-office delays.
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A patient checking in on for her urology appointment on her tablet
Conveniently view patient questionnaires before surgery. Securely transfer consent forms to the patient record. Reduce check-in time while enhancing patient satisfaction.
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A urologist attending to a patient
During the visit
Dictate visits easily with direct-to-desktop (D2D) capabilities on your smartphone. Save time and leave the office with your last patient.
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A doctor processing a patient visit for a check-out
Quickly view your schedule and clinical data on your smartphone between visits.
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A doctor updating a patient with urology results in a virtual visit on tablet
After the visit
Empower patients to manage their care better through virtual visits and a patient portal. Securely send patient education, lab results, and information on payment options.
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EMR and practice management software designed for urology practices.
Health IT that does it all
The benefits of one health IT solution that covers your EHR, practice management, billing, and more are endless. See how having all your IT solutions under one umbrella might be right for you.
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Award-winning EHR build for urology practices.
Reduce documentation burdens with mobile solutions
How can your urologists get valuable time back and end after-hours charting? Start with mobile solutions that help keep clinical encounters focused on patients, not computer screens.
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NextGen Healthcare provides a comprehensive yet flexible suite of tools to manage a busy urology practice. The ability to modify templates and workflow for specific service lines has been instrumental in maximizing clinical efficiency and optimizing the revenue cycle.

Patricia Williams, MHCA
Administrator Urological Associates, PC
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