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Remove barriers to data access with healthcare API solutions

Boost efficiency with application programming interfaces (APIs). APIs connect systems, automate data sharing, and enable providers and staff to view specific elements of a patient’s medical record when every minute counts.

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Ambulatory and Enterprise EMR Interoperability 2023
Read the report and explore how NextGen Healthcare's EMR stacks up against competitors in the following interoperability measurement categories:
  • Connectivity for health information sharing
  • Utility for healthcare stakeholders & partners
  • Interoperability-enabled use cases
  • Interoperability-enabled outcomes
  • Breadth of adoption
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Experience the benefits of NextGen Healthcare
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Access and share data
Automate processes that make it easier to exchange health data, access patient information, and connect applications. Reduce tedious tasks, so staff members can address higher-value work and close gaps in care.
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Activate connections
Leverage easy-to-use, low-cost data exchange solutions, including third-party created apps, patient-facing apps, and national data exchange platforms.
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Provide patient access
Allow your patients to use their smartphones or browser-based apps to connect to NextGen Enterprise EHR and download their personal health information.
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Improve provider experience
Enable providers to avoid having to close one screen to go into another module. The tediousness of bouncing from screen to screen is significantly reduced—a factor that can help ease physician burnout.
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Become a healthcare API partner
Participate in our API Partner Program for developer organizations and clients that have or are developing API applications compatible with the NextGen Enterprise platform. We provide the tools that make it easy to partner with us.


Advantages of an API Solution

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Remove data barriers
Remove barriers to your EHR data to help fill gaps in care, reduce physician burnout, and empower patients to manage their healthcare.
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Access NextGen Enterprise
Quickly access your NextGen Enterprise core system, create apps from third-party vendors or have your IT staff build apps, and deploy multiple types of third-party apps to meet a variety of needs.
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Patient access API
Allow your patients to use smartphones or browser-based apps to connect to NextGen Enterprise EHR and download their personal health information.
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NextGen Enterprise API
Enable NextGen Healthcare users to connect to NextGen Enterprise EHR to power applications that improve patient care.
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NextGen Office API
Leverage FHIR (R4)-based NextGen Office YourHealthFile® Patient Access APIs to allow developers to create apps for patients to access to their health data in a NextGen Office practice via API.

We continue to pursue a broader connected physician community, and working with NextGen Healthcare is giving us the tools and solutions needed to accomplish this goal.

Roberta Sniderman
Administrative Director Healthcare Partners Medical Group
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