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Provide a complete picture of a patient’s health

Mirth Health Data Hub by NextGen Healthcare helps you easily exchange, normalize, and aggregate community-wide data with a robust healthcare data platform—providing a longitudinal view of patient records. With optimal connectivity, you can meet the demands of HIEs, hospitals, and large ambulatory practices.

An All-Inclusive Approach to Interoperability and Data Optimization
Why reinvent the wheel? Innovate faster with tools designed to accelerate the integration process.
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A Strong Foundation for Better Care
The efficient exchange of patient data is critical to quality patient care. In this 2-minute video, you’ll learn how you can securely and quickly exchange patient data so providers have the information they need at the point of care.
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Experience the benefits of Mirth Health Data Hub
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Cloud-native platform
Use a single cloud-deployed solution to leverage Amazon Web Service (AWS) for achieving rapid innovation and scalability.
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Integrated data analytics
Simplify data access, report generation, and analytics with a modern data warehouse that supports evolving care delivery models overwhelmed by increasing volumes of data.
Data-driven innovations
Leverage Snowflake tools and services, integrate data visualization and business intelligence tools, and create customized data models, views, and calculations.
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Rapid implementation
Manage interface channels to get your data sources and automated workflows launched in weeks.
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National caregiver directory
Tap into the largest provider directory in the United States to help your team connect with millions of caregivers through an open, vendor-agnostic platform.
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Vendor-agnostic solutions
Achieve your interoperability goals with an integration engine that works with your existing technology systems to provide fast, cost-effective data exchange.

What stood out was the extensible API and programming interfaces, including the ability to create our own data products on top of the platform. During the installation, NextGen Healthcare kept us well informed, and the integration developers were extremely helpful.

Carmen Hughes, MBA
Executive Director, HIT Division HI-BRIDGE Solutions and HI-BRIDGE HIE


Advantages of Mirth Health Data Hub

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Integrated MPI
Access comprehensive, customizable views of each patient index that links the right patient to the right data.
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Customizable chart views
Personalize the patient summary and clinical cards so your users can access critical information at the point of care.
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Encounter notifications
Interact with the care team using customized notification content that includes relevant clinical data and integrates with the user workflows.
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Management for patient panels
Load patient panels to enable various data use cases, match against the known population, retrieve clinical content, and publish data.
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Integrated data
Aggregate and integrate physical, behavioral, and social health data to maximize its value in improving health outcomes in your community.
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