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The financial and clinical challenges you face now are evolving rapidly. Here are resources, solutions, and ideas we think will help.

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cause of denials is inefficiently determining patient eligibility



of patients prefer to pay online


> 52%

of practices use multiple forms of communication to reduce no-show rates

Benefits of our add-on financial and engagement tools directly within NextGen Enterprise PM.

Easier patient messaging

Our automated, targeted notifications (by phone, email, and text) prepare patients for upcoming appointments. Our messaging solutions make it easy to send appointment reminders, balances due, practice announcements, recall alerts, and patient satisfaction surveys.

Cash flow icon

Accelerated cash flow

NextGen® Eligibility Verification helps you accelerate cash flow by determining a patient's eligibility and coverage information upfront.

Confirmed coverage

Eligibility self-pay automates Medicaid, Medicare, and third-party liability coverage checks for self-pay patients.

Streamlined payments

Our integration with payment processing services enables seamless credit card and eCheck processing, a means to collect credit cards on file, and easy autopayments.

Reduced denials and errors

NextGen® In-Line Edits quickly corrects claim errors and reduces claim denials at the encounter level prior to claim creation for fast medical claims processing.

Integrated claims management

NextGen® Clearinghouse is a fully integrated, one-click-access, medical billing clearinghouse solution for comprehensive medical claims processing and management.

Better performance visibility

NextGen Financial Insight delivers comparative remittance analytics. Our dashboard and customized reports enable you to access, measure, and track data and performance.

Self-serving online payments

Our 24x7 online and mobile payment options support an omnichannel payment approach. Your patients can pay using eChecks, credit cards, and other convenient autopayment options.

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Personalized billing

Our patient-friendly billing statements enable you to send eStatements or traditional paper billing statements. Our professional printing and mailing services make it easier for you update patient addresses, announce recalls, and send collection letters, traditional cards, and other announcements.

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on building a better
patient-centered financial management and engagement experience.

Solve your specific practice challenges and better address new patient expectations. Our strategic guidance—combined with integrated end-to-end revenue cycle management tools, communication technology, and financial performance analytics—helps you simplify your solutions, streamline your workflow, and enhance bottom-line results.

How we help

We provide tailored solutions to fit the precise needs of ambulatory practices, as they strive to reach the quadruple aim while navigating the journey of value-based care.