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The financial and clinical challenges you face now are evolving rapidly. Here are resources, solutions, and ideas we think will help.

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Provide insights for better care
with population health solutions

Orchestrate Delivery to Manage Risk

Population Health Management involves the aggregation and analysis of patient data from multiple sources. By producing a single, actionable patient record, caregivers can improve both clinical and financial outcomes. Our population health management solutions enable collaborative care to help you engage patients, reduce costs, and improve care quality. Offering sophisticated population health and analytics tools, our solutions drive meaningful insights across clinical, financial, and administrative data.
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of all serious medical errors involve miscommunication during care transactions



is spent by the healthcare system on overtreatment yearly



is wasted annually on unnecessary medical tests and treatments

Why Actionable Data is so Important

Hear from Chief Medical Officer Dr. Betty Rabinowitz, MD, FACP why risk stratifying patients using actionable data is so important in today's healthcare landscape.

Automated outreach engine

Use an outreach engine to notify patients of their of care gaps, and powerful data to better group, monitor, document, and manage patients to improve disease management.

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Data-agnostic population health analytics

Aggregate disparate sources of data into one trusted, easy-to-use, and clinically relevant provider-focused solution.

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Care gap identification

Use your practice data to identify and eliminate low-value care, diverting the dollars saved to essential healthcare services. Also use the data to lower costs of caring for the chronically ill and prevent chronic disease in vulnerable populations in healthcare.

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Actionable intelligence

Improve efficiency by converting disparate patient data into actionable information—all without additional interfaces for data aggregation.

Thrive in today’s healthcare industry

Position your organization for success with innovative population health and analytics that allow you to stay competitive. 

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Largest caregiver directory

Connect with more than 1 million caregivers throughout the United States on our open, vendor-agnostic platform.

Ready to pressure test your population health strategy for optimal outcomes?

How we help

We provide tailored solutions to fit the precise needs of ambulatory practices, as they strive to reach the quadruple aim while navigating the journey of value-based care.