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Spend more time on care, less on billing claims and reimbursements

At NextGen Healthcare, it’s our goal to make it faster and easier for you to care for patients.

NextGen Clearinghouse enables providers to reduce denials and get paid faster with an automated and integrated workflow between the clearinghouse and practice management.

Our Clearinghouse services facilitate communication between you and your payer across the claim life cycle. Think of us as a liaison and expediter to your payer. We do the heavy lifting, so you get paid faster and can focus more on care.

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Here's how we make your job easier:

Eligibility check
Confirm a patient's coverage so that patients and providers know instantly what they're responsible for

Claims transmission
Our claims transmission service provides instant, easy-to-understand error detection and on-line correction to submit clean claims the first time, every time

Standardized payer reports
Identify and correct errors so that even corrected claims are resolved quickly

Sophisticated ERAs
ERA management improves the efficiency of your revenue cycle, speeds cash flow, and improves revenue

How does NextGen Clearinghouse deliver value to your practice?

Sure, you could work one-on-one with your payers, but that uses valuable time and resources devoted to the tasks of submitting and editing claims, managing multiple accounts, working on denials, and developing functions based on user roles. We’re experts at these tasks, with proven results, and can take that burden off your shoulders. You’ll have the flexibility to choose and customize only the services you need to drive your financial success.

On-demand claims information is available at a moment’s notice. And our commitment to customer service means even the most complex edits are typically turned around in 72 hours.

Tracking and managing claims is a challenge every practice faces, but it’s vital to a healthy bottom line. Submitting clean claims is critical for reducing claim denial rates, getting paid promptly, and improving healthcare revenue cycle management.

According to HIMSS, hospitals in the United States average clean claim rates in the 75% to 85% range. NextGen Clearinghouse clients have a 99% or better clean claim rate.

Our results speak for themselves.

Enhanced Clearinghouse Services:

  • Speed payments
  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce A/R days significantly
  • Reduce operational costs

Reduce claims errors, automate tasks, and speed payments

Our services include:

Claims Management

(Clean Approved Claims Handled Efficiently)

ERA Manager

Practice Analysis and Reporting


HIPAA Analyzer

ICD-10 Comparison Utility

Workers Compensation

Clinical Connections

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No matter what kind of practice you are—solo practitioner or large, multi-specialty practice, ambulatory surgery center, FQHC, or CHC, dental or medical—you’ll benefit from our claims processing services.

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