Gain revenue and greater control of your practice

Join thousands of practices who have increased efficiency and enhanced cash flow with NextGen Practice Management

  • Increase productivity - Automate tasks so you can focus on running your business
  • Capture more revenue - Get electronic claims checking and collections processing support
  • Make informed decisions - Use powerful reporting tools to tightly manage every facet of your practice
  • Be fully compliant - with MU, HIPAA 5010 and a host of other quality reporting programs
  • Integrated - Fully integrated with NextGen Ambulatory EHR for seamless billing

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NextGen Healthcare is committed to staying ahead of the curve on government regulations and works proactively to ensure that your system is ready for emerging requirements.

Why choose NextGen Healthcare for practice management software?

  1. 1

    Task Management and Productivity

    Automatically assign tasks, organize processes, reduce costs, and find missing revenue

  2. 2

    Efficiency and Accessibility

    Optimize data capture and access the system from all locations

  3. 3

    Coordinated Care Workflow

    Fully integrated with the NextGen product suite for consistent workflow

Connect, be interoperable, and share data effortlessly

NextGen Healthcare is committed to collaborative care. Our acquisitions of ViaTrack Systems and Mirth Corporation demonstrate our commitment to interoperability, a core element for truly collaborative care. We facilitate product compatibility and seamless data exchange between your practice and healthcare entities like payers, labs, pharmacies, imaging centers, other EMR systems, patient portals, and medical devices. Plus, our dedicated in-house interoperability and standards experts ensure our products are at the forefront of standards-related initiatives.

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Small Practices

  • Suggest courses of action from pre-loaded claims rules, fee schedules, medications, and codes
  • Check claim accuracy before electronically submitting for payment
  • Alert staff the instant a claim becomes overdue
  • Obtain real-time eligibility verification prior to service

Group Practices

  • Streamline referrals
  • Easily set preferences to allow personalized workflows
  • Improve data sharing through integration with NextGen Ambulatory EHR
  • Track tasks to monitor staff productivity and accountability

Hospitals & Health Systems

  • Centralize scheduling, billing, AVR, collections, and more
  • Reduce IT and admin costs
  • Share demographic data and comply with privacy laws

Get in-depth information about how NextGen Healthcare can help hospitals and community health systems. Visit the Hospital Solutions page to learn more.

Powerful, full-featured software

Whether your practice has just one doctor or dozens, NextGen Practice Management is scalable, cost-effective, and easy to use. Some of its benefit-loaded features include:

  • WorkLog Manager - automated tasking based on business rules
  • Background Business Processor - automated billing, statements, and claims
  • Eligibility Verification / Claim Status Checking - Real-time eligibility and claim status verification powered by ViaTrack and Mirth technologies
  • Accounts Receivable - post payments electronically and keep solid records

Implementation and Training

We take pride in our preparation and proven planning and implementation process. We've already facilitated many thousands of successful implementations at practices across the country.

Our guided implementation plan is designed to match your practice's schedule to minimize downtime and streamline your practice's workflow. Training programs are available in person or via e-learning. After implementation, our post go-live support matches your practice with a dedicated NextGen Healthcare Customer Care Specialist to assist you with support, training requests, licenses, and more to get you up and running.

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