Population Health Management

Population healthcare management is the new normal

Caring and improving health for all is the new imperative

Today, ACOs, PCMHs, FQHCs, and other collaborative care models and value-based care models are transforming healthcare.

You need to be prepared to navigate this new paradigm. The key to smooth sailing is a robust population health management program. Anchored by technology, aggregated data, and data analytics, our solutions help to identify high-risk patients, drive patient engagement, and expedite care management. All with the goal of improving the health of communities and driving down healthcare costs.

Make results-driven population health your new S.O.P ... Inspiring provider Innovation

Previously recorded on May 13, 2015

Make results-driven population health management

Improve individual care and outcomes with interoperability to drive a measurably healthier population

NextGen Healthcare is the right health IT partner to help you achieve interoperability across silos, enabling you to:

How can you truly manage and improve the health of your patient population?

THE ANSWER: Offer meaningful, targeted, and coordinated individual interventions – when preventing disease or treating it – at the point of care, in office or out.

To keep care quality high, costs low, and succeed with new value-based payment models, you must deliver accountable, coordinated care. You need to successfully manage chronically ill patients and "rising-risk" patients by deploying and monitoring preventive care programs.

Ensure you have the infrastructure to succeed. It doesn't need to take years to build (or replace) a technology foundation to support accountability for your population. It's easier than you think. And we can help.

Advance your accountable care initiatives

Download Ten Tips for Accountable Care Success for more accountable care insights.


For Accountable Care Organizations and other value-based payment models, population health management is a priority. And a must-have. It affects not just how patients receive and perceive their care, but also the way providers get paid. NextGen® solutions respond to your ACO needs:

  • Enabling value-based care and reporting
  • Managing your patient population without care gaps
  • Providing risk stratification and identifying high-risk patients
  • Meaningful analytics and actionable data

Get to know our healthcare management tools

Care Management Icon Care Management

Care Management Icon Care Management

Our holistic solution allows you to manage patient care from your home screen with ease. Take multiple actions for multiple patients in very few clicks. Optimize predefined patient groupings or create your own. Save these groups and take action on them through the Care Opportunity tab. Click the Chart button to see the patient's individual chart, click Task to task an action to a team member, or click Document to quickly generate a document for each member of the group.

NextGen Care: Get all the tools you need in a single platform to deliver better coordinated care—helping you achieve sustainable success in a value-based world.

Risk Satisfaction Icon Risk Stratification

Risk Satisfaction Icon Risk Stratification

Group patients by chronic conditions, severity of illness, and by demographics. Use risk stratification resources to identify patients health risk levels, flag them for follow-up and intervention, and/or take other appropriate actions. Configuration is pre-set within the application for easy quality reporting. Risk scoring is provided by Milliman.

Patient Engagement Icon Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement Icon Patient Engagement

With NextGen Patient Portal, providers can proactively send alerts to their patients anytime, anywhere through automated outreach based on each patient's contact preference. Patients become active participants in their own healthcare.

Referral Management Icon Referral Management

Referral Management Icon Referral Management

As the gateway to NextGen Share, youll simply create a referral, find an external provider, attach documents, and transmit the referral package. NextGen Share is included with NextGen Care.

Data Sharing Icon Data Sharing

Data Sharing Icon Data Sharing

You cant collaborate if you're not sharing information. It's the key driver of collaborative care. With stringent reporting requirements, you need a way to track your outreach efforts, results, and outcomes; and to provide that data to stakeholders outside of your organization. With NextGen interoperability tools, you can export information and send to payers, practice or organization leadership, or anyone else to show you are providing better, proactive care.

Analytics Icon Analytics

Analytics Icon Analytics

Data analytics tools from NextGen Healthcare allow you to access critical data about your patients' utilization; identify and address problems, leverage resources effectively, and improve patient care. Slice and dice your information based on predefined criteria and take action! Identify problem areas, high-risk patients, and flag them for immediate intervention. You'll improve clinical outcomes while reducing care delivery cost. Additionally, ACO participants can easily share this with various third-party payers.

How can population health management benefit you?

  • C-suite

    • Mitigate financial risk
    • Improve staff productivity/efficiency
    • Grow business with increased referrals and patient satisfaction
    • Increase revenue with better payer incentives
  • Care Team

    • Enhanced collaborative care (longitudinal patient record)
    • Improved workflow (fewer clicks)
    • Expedited clinical decision support (best treatment at the right time)
    • Easily meet increasing volumes of quality measures
  • Technical

    • Easy access to clinical data
    • Interoperability, shared data for sophisticated analytics
    • Scalable architecture, easy upgrades
    • Embedded quality measures (registries)

Optimize your practice's performance with insight-driven analytics

Download our eBook Data Analytics in Healthcare


What makes NextGen population health solutions different?

10 reasons to choose NextGen Care

Fully integrated with NextGen® product suite (no third-party interfaces)

Single care management screen—take actions in very few clicks (everything you need in one place)

Point of Care Alerts (fast-track patient for intervention)

Care Management tools programmed with 18 CQMs automatically generate patient lists for outreach

Care team can access, share, and aggregate actionable data from multiple sources (NextGen Share) to optimize care to put patients back on track

Significantly improve clinical outcomes

Engage patients anytime, anywhere

Score your patients' risk level — high, medium, low — and take action based on risk level to address gaps in care

A 360° view of chronic problems, allergies, medications, referrals, patient risk summary, blend of clinical and financial data

ROI calculator — track treatment opportunities and associated revenue by chronic condition, preventive outreach

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