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Interoperability comes standard

Interoperability is “baked into” our solutions, so you’re set up for success from the start.

Your ambulatory practice must meet an ever-increasing list of challenges – from demonstrating population health improvements to maximizing value-based payments to moving data quickly and securely from one system to another, even across disparate systems. Today’s reimbursement models require more patient data than ever before. You need powerful, proven interoperability to meet these challenges – your sustainability depends on it.

Between now and 2017, ONC intends to enable the sending, receiving, finding and using of health data domains with an eye on improving care quality and outcomes.

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Connect fragmented systems for value-based care

It often seems like no two organizations or systems speak the same “language.” Information often lives in silos, and across multiple disparate systems, making it hard to exchange data across systems, locations, your community, and payers.

How can you meaningfully share data, aggregate information, meet health reform demands, and achieve value-based care if you can’t securely connect and communicate?

With NextGen interoperability, powered by Mirth technology, easily create the single, longitudinal patient record you need to reach your population health, collaborative care, PCMH, and ACO goals.

Easy, fast interoperability is here: NextGen Share.

Simplify interoperability. Activate an interface in minutes, not months. Seamlessly integrate with your EHR. Ensure uptime and connectivity with external providers with constant monitoring by a team of experts. Your marketplace for connectivity solutions is here.

Each interface you need (available on NextGen Share) is installable with just a few clicks through the NextGen Share website.

More than 1,000 NextGen Share clients, representing approximately 95,000 providers, are already connected to our national Health Information Services Provider (HISP). NextGen Share is DTAAP-accredited to easily send secure, Direct messages to more than 1,100,000 providers and organizations nationwide; it includes an integrated directory search of 690,000+ providers and organizations.

Our interoperability solutions facilitate the care of more than 150 million patients

Exactly what you need to connect and excel

Set yourself up for success. Start with an interoperable infrastructure, regardless of the EHR system you’re using.

Our vendor-agnostic interface engine allows you to transform non-standard data into standard formats so you can communicate across your community. Whether you want to build your infrastructure or have us do it, our interoperability solutions are flexible, agile, and fully supported.

Easily share and aggregate healthcare data

Achieve ever-changing healthcare goals. Share data across your healthcare network. With scalable Mirth Solutions you can improve care transitions and care coordination through improved alerting, notifications, and clinical document distribution. Aggregate data for population health management and providing value-based payment reports.

Get up to speed quickly and learn how to run your solutions effectively with our training and support options. Get helpful materials such as hands-on lab manuals, channel programming guides, and quick-reference books. Plus, our training experts are always ready to help.

Interoperability is complicated. Avoid costly mistakes. Start with the facts.

"6 Interoperability Myths to Dispel Right Now"


Clear the path to better results, period.

Clear your path to more care and drive better results. Empower your physicians, groups, hospitals, and health communities to connect. Experience first-hand how NextGen interoperability solutions, service, and agility – powered by Mirth technology – can help you exchange data securely, integrate systems easily, and become interoperable without headaches or hassle.

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