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Expand Access To Care With Telehealth
and Integrated Virtual Visits

Virtual visits provide safe and convenient access to care. As ambulatory practices evolve into a post-COVID future, the need for care continuity and expanded service through video visits will remain vital. Built for medical visits and HIPAA-compliant, our video solution integrates with your EHR and works on your mobile device.

What’s new

Extend Virtual Care Even Further


Group visits

Through a virtual visits platform, your patient group visits can become more efficient. Patients can participate at home and more easily fit classes around their busy schedules. An array of features enables you to connect with patients on any device and better manage workflows throughout your practice.

Guest visits

Guest visits help keep everyone concerning the patient's care on the same page. Patients can invite family members, caregivers, and others to their virtual visits. Your practice can also ask outside specialists and other care team members to participate in a patient's virtual visit. Guest speakers can also play a part in your virtual group visits.


Learn how virtual visits improve patient access, integrate with your workflow, and help maintain revenue

Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need to Know to Launch a Virtual Practice

A camera and microphone enabled smartphone, tablet, or computer with reliable web access.
The channel of communication used for communicating electronic protected health information (ePHI) at a distance has to be HIPAA-compliant. HIPAA Security Rule stipulates:
  • Only authorized users should have access to ePHI
  • A system of secure communication should be implemented to protect the integrity of ePHI
  • A system of monitoring communications containing ePHI should be implemented to prevent accidental or malicious breaches
Source: HIPAA Guidelines on Telemedicine, HIPAA Journal
Consider these suggestions:
  • Make sure your patients can see you clearly—adjust your camera to eye-level and keep the room well lit
  • Set clear expectations upfront—share how you plan to conduct the virtual visit, reaffirm benefits, and answer the patient’s questions
  • Ask for feedback—encourage patients to share their thoughts after the virtual visit
Some practices loan out and deliver tablets to their patients before their appointments. See Case Study: Build a Virtual Bridge to Patients
Using technology that’s integrated with your EHR allows you to document as you normally would.
Practices can conduct screenings, follow-up visits, routine checkups, patient education, review of lab results, x-rays, and ultrasounds, as well as prescription refills and counseling sessions.
Check with your state healthcare agency. Reimbursement guidelines can change daily and vary by state, practice, and payer. Most states have commercial insurance virtual visit laws, and many of them mandate that a virtual visit is reimbursed at the same rate as an in-office visit. Medicare has also made substantial progress toward enhanced telehealth reimbursement.
In addition to lowering patient and provider risk of infectious diseases, like COVID-19, virtual visits can help your practice stay competitive. You can:
  • Meet with patients through cloud - based access on any device, anywhere
  • See patients without the stress of a crowded waiting room
  • Make it easier for patients with limited mobility to access care
  • Make chronic care management more accessible and convenient for patients
  • Reduce no - shows and appointment cancelations
Identify which type of use cases you would like to use for virtual visits. Determine someone from your team to plan the course of action for adoption. Select a telehealth solution that integrates easily with your EHR/PM.
Yes, NextGen Virtual Visits™️ has a feature that enables group visits. Besides increasing convenience for patients, your practice can leverage EHR / PM integration to increase efficiency.
Find out if your doctor offers virtual visits. If they do, then schedule an appointment. You’ll need to make sure you have a camera and microphone enabled smartphone, tablet, or computer with reliable web access and a high-speed internet connection.
Virtual visits work differently depending on the telehealth technology. With NextGen Virtual Visits, you can:
  • Schedule an appointment as you normally would
  • Test your device before the appointment using the link in your email or text message
  • Look for the reminder email or text message to find your visit link
  • Complete any prompted questions then click the “Join Visit” button
  • See your provider
Virtual visits are similar to office visits, but allow you to visit a provider via video from the comfort of your home. There are no hassles with traffic, parking, and waiting rooms.
It’s recommended to test your device and connection before appointments. The staff of your healthcare provider can assist you if any technical difficulties arise.
Each practice bills for virtual visits differently. Your practice will instruct you on how to provide payment, if necessary.
Talk with your provider ahead of your appointment to discuss the measures in place to safeguard your privacy and health records. This level of protection can be maintained with a secure, HIPAA-compliant HD video.


Easily connect with patients on any device and better manage workflows.

On-Demand Integrated Visits

Provide safe, convenient access to care anytime—without needing access to your EHR or PM system. Your documentation in the virtual visit platform flows into your existing EHR/PM.

In-Visit Features

Share your screen, pass documents, chat with your patient, invite a third party or interpreter, all within the virtual visit.

Group and Guest Visits

Host group visits virtually to increase convenience for your patients. Enable patients and providers to invite and include guests during a virtual visit. Integration with the EHR and PM system helps ensure more efficient documentation.

Hub-and-Spoke Functionality

Accommodate Medicare or Medicaid patients at originating sites, or coordinate other hub-and-spoke models like mobile health services, in-home care, or off-site specialists.

Clinical Administrator Workflow

Enable support staff to perform full administrative functions, such as insurance verification, pre-visit patient intake, or follow-up appointment scheduling.

Easy Patient Communication and Payments

Customize patient email and text reminders, and collect patient payments through integrated payment processing partners.


Stay competitive in an increasingly consumer-oriented healthcare market.

Streamlined User Experience

No dual documentation is required. Virtual visits integrate with EHR, PM, mobile, and patient portal to create a seamless user experience.

Easy for Patients to Use

Patients can participate in virtual visits on any device through a secure link in their email. No username, password, or downloading of an app is necessary.


Secure, HIPAA-compliant HD video

Providers can engage with their patients face-to-face on any web-enabled device, anywhere.


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