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Seamless, Scalable, and Supported Interoperability with Mirth® Connect by NextGen Healthcare

Optimize interoperability capabilities with harmonious integration and advanced administration tools. Backed by 24/7 expert support, Mirth Connect by NextGen Healthcare Premium offers Enterprise Extensions that help drive affordable and effective health data exchange.

Achieve interoperability goals expediently and confidently with limitless licensing on interfaces, channels, and OEM licensing. Empower your organization to control resources, elevate performance, and essentially be deployment agnostic with a solution that natively supports all healthcare data standards and protocols.

Meet Interoperability Goals Efficiently with

Mirth Connect release 4.0

This new release is packed with features to expand your integration engineer’s capabilities to enhance interoperability effectiveness. Your organization can advance its support of healthy communities by seamlessly connecting vital health data and human networks.

Mirth Connect release 4.0 provides:

New Debugger

Enables users to debug channels to help find issues

Includes the ability to choose which scripts and transformers to debug

New security features

Notification and consent option

Automatic time-out/log-out option

New efficiency features

Import multiple channels at one time

Enable a disabled channel upon deployment

Adaptable and Scalable Integration

Mirth Connect by NextGen Healthcare

open source icon

Open-Source Project

Foundation for interoperability
and data exchange


As you build upon a solid foundation, the addition of Enterprise Extensions enables you to take a major step forward in delivering world-class service.

Base Connectors


Fundamental Formats

  • XML, HL7 v 2.x and 3.X –CCD/CCDA FHIR, DICOM, NCPDP, X12, Delimited Text, Raw Binary, API along with web services: SOAP and REST

Community Membership

Powered by users and committed to transparency with code availability—NextGen Healthcare is proud to maintain an open-source integration engine.

The Mirth® Project is sponsored by NextGen Healthcare.

Community Forums Issue Tracker Wiki Pages

Get started with the open-source project, available on:

Github DockerHub
open source icon

Mirth Connect Premium

Build upon your interoperability foundation with enterprise-class capabilities.


As you pursue seamless, meaningful data exchange, consider the four benefits of a supported interoperability solution.

Low Total Cost of Ownership –
High Return On Investment

  • Flexible and cost-effective options
  • No additional costs for scaling interfaces/channels
  • Grow your business without increasing your investment
  • Leverage the interoperability capabilities foundation used by some of the largest healthcare organizations

Advanced Features and Functionality

  • Expand connections with SSL connectivity, ASTM, and various IHE profiles aligning with various protocols
  • Advanced alert functionality to allow for more dynamic monitoring and automated workflows
  • Role-Based Access, LDAP, and Multi-Factor Authentication for enhanced security measures for multiple users

Support and Services

  • Direct 24/7 support to address emergency situations, troubleshoot/fix errors, and design guidance
  • Access to monthly developer Q&A webinars
  • Experienced professional services and solution architect offerings to assist in custom channel development, consulting, and environment optimization
  • Industry-recognized fundamentals and advanced certification training courses to gain expertise in managing and scaling interoperability goals

Limitless Interoperability

  • No licensing limits on interfaces/channels to allow you to scale more freely
  • Options for rapid deployment and high-availability, allowing you to deploy securely and confidently
  • Deployment-agnostic software with OEM licensing available to empower your products and applications


Secure, Flexible Data Exchange

Customize your interface channels to restrict access only to your trusted partners, and/or configure message types and data transformations specific to each unique interface.

Enterprise-Class Support

Take your practice to the next level with expert, enterprise-class support, training, and professional services.

Enterprise Extensions

Streamline information exchanges and simplify new interfaces with template-driven channel architecture. Automate, monitor, and control your connections to advance efficient interoperability.

Mirth Connect Integration Engine Highlights

open-source icon

Open-Source Platform

For more than a decade, Mirth Connect has been influenced by an international user community. This integration engine maintains current industry trends and supports nearly all global healthcare data exchange standards in common use. The Mirth Project is sponsored by NextGen Healthcare.

Cost-effective interoperability

Cost-Effective Interoperability

Unlimited interfaces, along with different pricing tiers, enable your organization to optimize interoperability and save money at the same time.

Gears icon

Enterprise Capabilities

Access enterprise-level tools that provide the control and flexibility your organization needs. This includes advanced plugins, extensions with dynamic alerts distribution, and role-based user access. Customizable Docker images and a system monitoring dashboard give you complete control of your interface environment.

stop watch icon


Use advanced clustering capabilities to help ensure that high-volume implementations remain highly available and perform at optimal levels. Maximize unlimited interface channels to gain the freedom to grow your interoperability connections at your pace, without adding cost.

Better results with expert help

Better Results with Expert Help

Receive enhanced support coverage to help ensure your interface channels remain open, and data continues to flow unrestricted with coverage options that fit your organization’s needs.


Enhance Skills with Mirth Connect Training

Empower your staff to become super users with Mirth Connect fundamentals and advanced certification training courses.

Benefits of Mirth Connect Training

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