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Optimize Health Data Exchange
to Ensure the Best Possible Care

Fragmented connectivity, disparate systems, and evolving regulations contribute to interoperability challenges. Mirth® Connect by NextGen Healthcare provides a clear path to the health data your organization needs.

In addition to a substantial ROI from this connected health solution, you can benefit from expert support, assistance, services, and training, as well as engage in an open-source community with other integration engineers. As a result, interoperability becomes less complex for an industry that relies on data-driven decision making.

Mirth Connect Integration Engine Highlights

stabilizse your revenue

Achieve Cost-Effective Interoperability

Build unlimited interfaces, choose the advanced capabilities best suited to your needs, enable your organization to optimize interoperability, and save money at the same time.

Maximize Enterprise Capabilities

Get a jump-start with enterprise-level tools to adding advanced interoperability functionality. Add the control and flexibility your organization needs quickly.

Take Advantage of Scalability

Advanced clustering ensures your high-volume implementations perform at optimal levels. Unlimited interface channels help increase interoperability connections cost effectively.


Select Your Level of Support

Receive enhanced support coverage to help ensure your interface channels remain open and data continues to flow unrestricted with coverage options that fit your organization’s needs.

Works with Any Healthcare Technology

Empower your staff to become super users with Mirth Connect fundamentals and advanced certification training courses.

Adaptable and Scalable Integration

Mirth Connect by NextGen Healthcare

open source icon

Open-Source Project

Create a solid foundation for better data exchange and interoperability.


Take advantage of Enterprise Extensions to help you deliver world-class service.

Join a unique community to learn how to maximize your open integration engine. You can:

  • Help one another solve problems
  • Submit requests to the Mirth Connect development team
  • Stay in the loop with the latest solution developments

Simplify data exchange:

Base Connectors


Fundamental Formats

  • HL7 versions 2.x and 3, CCD/C-CDA as XML, DICOM, NCPDP, X12, Delimited Text, Raw Binary

Start your open-source project today

Github DockerHub
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Mirth Connect Premium

Build upon your interoperability foundation with enterprise-class capabilities.


As you pursue seamless, meaningful data exchange, consider the four benefits of a supported interoperability solution.

Experience unlimited interfaces at no extra charge:

  • Flexible, cost-effective licensing options
  • No added costs for scaling interfaces/channels
  • No need to design functionality from scratch
  • Freedom to perform complex projects more easily

Advanced capabilities:

  • Gain speed and efficiency with functionality backed by NextGen Healthcare
  • FHIR (R4) to XML or JSON
  • Easily expand connections with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), ASTM standards, and various IHE profiles and protocols
  • Achieve more dynamic monitoring and automated workflows with advanced alerting
  • Enhance security with role-based access, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), and multi-factor authentication
open source icon

Support, Training, and Services

Sustain and increase efficiency with expert assistance.


Get all the help you need to achieve your interoperability goals.

Improve Your Organization’s Interoperability Capabilities Through Technical Support, Professional Services, and Online Training:

  • Address emergencies, troubleshoot/resolve issues, and get design guidance
  • Access professional services and solution architects to assist in custom channel development, consulting, and environment optimization
  • Take industry-recognized fundamental and advanced certification training courses to gain expertise in managing and scaling your interoperability capabilities

Meet Interoperability Goals Efficiently with

Mirth Connect release 4.0

This new release is packed with features to expand your integration engineer’s capabilities to enhance interoperability effectiveness. Your organization can advance its support of healthy communities by seamlessly connecting vital health data and human networks.

Updates are released each March, July, and November to maintain consistency.

Mirth Connect release 4.0 provides:

New Debugger

Enables users to debug channels to help find issues

Includes the ability to choose which scripts and transformers to debug

New security features

Notification and consent option

Automatic time-out/log-out option

New efficiency features

Import multiple channels at one time

Enable a disabled channel upon deployment


Learn how enterprise extensions can help you streamline connections and support more secure interoperability.

SSL Manager

  • Quickly enable and configure certificate-based SSL connectivity for socket-based connectors such as the HTTP Listener/Sender, Web Service Listener/Sender, and FTP Reader/Writer
  • Manage and store your certificates in one location
  • Apply trusted certificates and advanced SSL settings, such as client (two-way) authentication and hostname verification on a per-connector basis

Channel History

  • Get configuration management for all of your critical channels
  • View and compare past revisions of channel configurations and identify the user making changes
  • Revert to a past revision from the embedded viewer when needed

User Authorization

  • Manage access to sensitive channel and messaging data across your enterprise
  • Gain role-based access control to all aspects of the Mirth Connect Administrator
  • Create new roles with specific permissions to areas, such as channel management or message browsing
  • Assign any number of roles to users

Advanced Clustering

  • Improve the availability of your Mirth Connect cluster with automatic message takeover
  • Ensure if one server in the cluster fails, another server will automatically resume processing any queued or unfinished messages
  • Easily manage your cluster by monitoring the status of each server
  • Deploy, start, stop, or pause channels across all servers
  • View message statistics for the whole cluster or a particular server from the Mirth Connect dashboard

You can use Advanced Clustering with standalone Mirth Connect instances and your own load-balancing solution or seamlessly integrate with the load-balancing and failover services provided on Mirth Appliances.

Advanced Alerting

  • Receive alerts regarding custom-based metrics and exception logs for state-based monitoring of channels and connectors
  • Add automatic escalation and de-escalation, scheduling, and/or notification throttling
  • Dynamically send different alert messages to different user groups based on the current escalation level, time, and day
  • View all alert statistics and logs

ASTM E1381 Transmission Mode

  • Send and receive data using the ASTM E1381 lower-layer protocol standard
  • Use in conjunction with the TCP Connector or the Serial Connector
  • Support specifying the bytes used for frame delimiters, the checksum algorithm used, various timeouts, and more

By default, the ASTM E1381 standard is strictly followed, but several settings are available to support variations.

ASTM E1394 Data Type

  • Easily accept, parse, and transform messages following the ASTM E1394 data standard
  • Ensure incoming messages are serialized into a simple XML format, and all the usual transformer steps may then be used to transform the message or convert it to or from a different data type
  • Leverage several data type properties for specifying how messages should be converted to and from XML

A standard vocabulary for ASTM E1394 is included to help identify fields in the message template trees of a transformer.

Email Reader

  • Securely connect to a POP3 or IMAP email server
  • Download messages for processing in a channel
  • Specify if an individual email should be read as XML, including the metadata and the body, just the body, or as a set of attachments
  • Access numerous options for specifying action(s) once a message is read

LDAP Authorization

  • Allows you to manage user accounts on a centralized LDAP server
  • Replaces any existing authentication mechanism

Any user in the User Base DN on the LDAP server can log in to Mirth Connect. When a user logs in, Mirth Connect copies the user’s attributes from the LDAP server.

The connection to the LDAP server can optionally use SSL or STARTTLS encryption

Message Generator

  • Quickly and easily generate HL7 v2.x messages
  • Use as a transformer’s inbound or outbound template for sending to a channel. or for testing
  • Create messages of any type/trigger and any version (HL7 2.1 through 2.6) with specific options for which segments, fields, and components to include
  • When applicable, pseudo data is generated (dates, names, free text, and even random values from the HL7 specification tables).
  • Options are also available to override parts of the message with your own data.

Serial Connector

  • Send and receive data over serial communication ports, such as those compliant with the RS-232 standards
  • Enable fully customizable communication

Any installed transmission mode may be used in conjunction with the connectors, including a raw serial mode, MLLP, or the ASTM E1381 mode.

Options are available to select the port to connect to, the baud rate, the parity, and more.

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