is lost in revenue yearly due to referral leakage



is spent yearly on quality initiatives per physician



is spent on unnecessary lab tests

Features that let you focus on what matters most

Benefit highlights

Improved engagement

Actionable workflows allow clinicians to provide patient-centric communication, align with health goals, and make improvements vital to the shift to value-based care.

Higher physician performance

Variations in physician practice patterns have important implications for quality and cost. Data-driven analysis lets practices compare peer physicians accurately to identify low-value care and reduce unwarranted variations in care.

Financial and administrative efficiencies

Creating a single source of truth by aggregating disparate data sources into a single, easy-to-use solution drives organizational efficiencies and saves staff resources once spent on reporting.

Reduced costs

Powerful data analytics allow providers to query the entire patient population to drive preventative care measures for the high-risk and chronically ill.

Optimized reimbursements

Along with NextGen® ambulatory solutions, NextGen Population Health and Analytics Solutions empower healthcare practices to participate effectively in value-based reimbursement models.

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