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Expand care with an integrated EHR optimized for women’s health and OB/GYN

Enable your physicians and other providers to give full attention to women under your care and spend less time charting with our women's health OB/GYN EHR—along with our practice management and mobile solutions. Grow your practice with this refreshing boost in efficiency.

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Benefits for women’s health practices
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Reduce physician burnout
Ease documentation burden—which can be a significant contributor to physician burnout—with NextGen Mobile dictation solutions and scribe services. Save valuable time otherwise spent in the EHR. Find freedom from after-hours charting.
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Empower women
A seamless and intuitive patient portal empowers women to take more control of their healthcare journey. Our EHR helps you deliver integrated care that is secure, efficient, and fast.
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Collect every dollar you earn
Proper documentation, coding, and the ability to process clean claims help ensure you are fully paid for services. Our practice management system, EHR integration, mobile dictation, and RCM services help your practice maximize revenue.
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Improve your patient experience
We offer solutions to improve the patient experience and foster easier access—essential factors in women’s health. Patients may switch to another practice if they cannot quickly and easily make an appointment.
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Easily manage clinical images
Take advantage of an Intuitive Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS). Complete a clinical viewing and reporting workflow without exiting and reopening the EHR. This can save your practice up to eight minutes per visit.
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Access professional support
Engage with colleagues and stay current through the women's health group of the NextGen Healthcare Success Community. Receive solution support, updates, training, and vote on future product enhancements.

NextGen should be proudest of the people that work there because it’s the relationships that we have with them that makes the difference.

Karen Ryer
CEO Lifeline Medical Associates


An integrated EHR and practice management system

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Better communication upfront
Send automated appointment reminders to help prevent missed appointments, thereby lowering potential losses. Empower patients to update medical information and complete patient intake forms online.
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Easier visits
Verify insurance, covered benefits and patient responsibility, before the patient arrives. Reduce phone volume by sharing information online. Offer convenient payment options and self-scheduling.
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More holistic care
Our integrated database provides a full view of patient health and fosters more holistic care. Use NextGen Mobile dictation services to document this care faster.
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More effective scheduling
Effectively manage scheduling to ensure patients can be seen—an important component of patient retention. Take advantage of telehealth options to increase scheduling efficiency.
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Bridge the gap
Bridge the gap between women’s health and primary care—extend your services to include primary care and other chronic health management.
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Your Guide to Women’s Health Mobile Documentation
The future of women’s health is in the adoption of mobile capabilities. If your women’s health practice does not already support a mobile extension of the EHR, this is your sign to explore the possibilities.
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“Gone were the fax machine, prescription refill paper messages, phone insurance verification, calling patients with lab results, and decreased productivity dealing with buggy software integrations.”
Glenn Orsak MD
Medical Director
Friendswood Family Medicine
Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial
Top Practice Management Solution four years in row—2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 Best in KLAS Report (11—75 physicians)
Best in KLAS Practice Management
Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial
"Because of NextGen RCM Services, we've been able to bring our goals of financial performance and rapid growth to fruition."
Debbie Redd
Capital Women's Care
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