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Improve outcomes with integrated otolaryngology EHR software

When an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) EHR integrates with practice management and mobile solutions, otolaryngologists and staff can concentrate more on care and less on tedious tasks. As a result, your practice can experience better clinical and financial outcomes.

Your Guide to NextGen Mobile
Here’s the path to help your care team reduce burnout, break free from the EHR, and document care efficiently.
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Meet your new AI ally, NextGen Ambient Assist
  • NextGen Ambient Assist transforms patient-provider conversations on mobile devices into temporary transcripts.
  • Generates structured SOAP notes.
  • Notes are generated with 90% accuracy.
  • Can save providers up to 2 hours per day.
  • Automatically places notes in NextGen Mobile for provider review and editing.
  • Notes are then added to the patient's NextGen Enterprise EHR chart.
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Benefits for otolaryngology practices
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Mobile solutions
Free yourself from the EHR and make your mobile device a working extension of your practice. Streamline clinical documentation and collaboration with a user-friendly cloud-based platform that integrates with most EHRs.
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Seamless interoperability
Enable frictionless health information exchange between hospitals, ASCs, and non-NextGen systems, making it easier to coordinate care and treat the patient holistically.
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Automatic eligibility check
Automate ENT billing, statements, and claims, running during business downtime and saving your practice significant amounts of time.


Leverage solutions tailored to your needs

A doctor reviewing a patients forms on a laptop
Before the visit
Save time with a patient self-scheduling solution that integrates into your practice management solution. Send ENT appointment and referral paperwork reminders.
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A nurse checking in a patient at a front-desk computer
View patient's responses to diseases and disorders of the ear, nose, throat, and related structures. Securely transfer completed interviews and questionnaires to the patient record.
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A doctor documenting a neurological appointment on his smartphone
During the visit
Use your mobile device to dictate each ENT procedure as it happens. Break free of traditional EHR tasks as you optimize clinical workflows.
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A doctor submitting visit results on her smartphone
Quickly view your schedule and clinical data on your smartphone between visits.
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A doctor reviewing post-care instructions on a laptop
After the visit
Empower patients to better manage their health. Securely send patient education materials, surgical results, and information on payment options.
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Award-winning EMR software helps otolaryngology practices serve patients more efficiently.
Maximize financial and operational analytics
Financial and operational analytics provide insights based on data. These insights help you evaluate business performance, identify areas for improvement, and make better-informed decisions.
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One aspect of NextGen I’ve come to appreciate is that, as small as we are, NextGen Healthcare treats us as a very important client. They make us feel like we’re part of their team.

Rob Gregory
Vice President, Operations Karing Hearts Cardiology
EMR and practice management software designed for Otolaryngology practices.
Health IT that does it all
Empower your otolaryngologists to engage with patients more effectively with a scalable, integrated, CURES-certified EHR platform. An EHR that integrates with a robust practice management system that supports automation of routine tasks can save you valuable time and money.
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