Support your addiction treatment organization with robust clinical, operational and financial solutions

Determining the right health IT system for your addiction treatment organization requires a thorough understanding of your clinical, operational, and most of all, financial goals. A sophisticated enterprise platform can help you serve clients and capture your true revenue potential.

Enhance Your Addiction Treatment Center and Improve Your Bottom Line
Over the course of six weeks, our behavioral health team will provide an exclusive look at specific tools and strategies that can reshape how you deliver addiction treatment services to those in need. These 30-minute sessions will kick off with a client case study and offer a deeper look into how our systems and tools help optimize clinical, operational, and financial outcomes.
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Benefits of an addiction treatment solution
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Optimize operational efficiency
NextGen Enterprise PM reduces time-consuming tasks and facilitates data sharing. The comprehensive platform helps users catch claim errors and denials early and fix them quickly— while supporting the unique billing requirements of complex commercial payers.
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Maximize reimbursement
NextGen RCM Services provides the technology solutions and expertise organizations need to optimize revenue cycle management, enabling you to dedicate fewer resources to managing your operations while increasing collections and managing complex commercial payers.
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Share vital client data in and outside your organization
The inability to share vital client data can lead to an incomplete picture of a client health and negatively impact outcomes. NextGen Healthcare offers an interoperability platform that enables your organization to communicate effectively with internal and external entities.
Leverage NextGen Mobile solutions
NextGen Mobile Solutions allows you to easily pull up and review a client’s chart on a single screen on your smartphone or tablet—from previous histories and medications to any documents you may need to view at a moment’s notice.
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Achieve a whole-person approach to recovery
Our technology can roll all your services onto a single enterprise platform to better navigate complex regulatory requirements and efficiently manage reporting and reimbursements. The system is also integrated with Methosoft—a software leader in the automation of dispensing methadone.
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Engage clients with an online platform
The NextGen Patient Experience Platform is a ‘digital front door’ that makes it easy for clients to take charge of their health. Reinforce health and safety, meet consumer demand, advance efficiency, and attract new clients to stay competitive.


Solutions tailored to your services’ needs

Save time
Automate routine practice management processes, such as billing and claims generation, eligibility checks, and more. Put your tasks on a continuous, automatic cycle.
Optimize revenue management
Financial analytics and customizable dashboards allow you to drill deeper into your data. Aggregate financial data from all payers and track more than 100 KPIs.
Access financial insights
On your mobile device, document the visit, fully completing documentation before your next encounter.
Capture more revenue
Advanced claim scrubbing technology and customizable claim edits help you optimize claims to prevent rejections and denials.
Manage scheduling with ease
Flexible booking tools centralize staff calendars for multiple practice locations and can be configured to meet the needs of your healthcare providers.

NextGen Healthcare was the only comprehensive solution to provide unmatched provider and patient experience through configurability, flexibility, and scalability while addressing the needs of a growing organization like ours with multiple lines of service.

Carl Coyle, MSW
Chief Executive Officer Liberty Resources