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Grateful to be Leader of the KLAS in 2021

By John S. Beck

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The NextGen Healthcare community just received powerful recognition that NextGen® Enterprise EHR has been named Best in KLAS Ambulatory EMR for practices of 11 to 75 physicians. This is a significant achievement—for our company and for our clients and, ultimately, the patients under their care.

What is KLAS? How do you get it?

Finding a technology solution with the right set of capabilities is hard to do. KLAS Research has an important mission—to make the healthcare IT marketplace more transparent.

One way KLAS Research achieves this goal—conferring Best in KLAS recognition. This is the highest recognition the organization gives to vendors that provide health IT solutions.

The KLAS research team interviews thousands of healthcare professionals—including people in clinical, financial, and IT and executive leadership roles. To determine Best in KLAS rankings, feedback is gathered using a standardized evaluation format. The health IT vendor who achieves the highest score in their category is named Best in KLAS.

Building our momentum

2021 is not the first year NextGen Healthcare has received Best in KLAS recognition. In 2017 and 2018, we received Best in KLAS awards for Most Improved Physician Practice solution. In 2019, we had another breakthrough: NextGen® Enterprise PM won Best in KLAS for Practice Management for practices with 11 to 75 physicians. This recognition would be repeated in 2020 and again this year.

In addition, in a report titled Interoperability 2020 (Acute/Ambulatory), KLAS Research recognized NextGen Healthcare for its progress in advancing interoperability. In the report, we are described as the only ambulatory specific EHR vendor to provide a strong usability experience for all interoperability workflows measured.

What makes 2021 different

What makes the 2021 award special is the category. The electronic health record (EMR or EHR) is the core health IT solution for ambulatory care, the backbone of the practice. When you combine our two Best in KLAS categories—EMR and Practice Management—we have the #1 core that supports key functions such as patient experience and population health.   

Best in KLAS awards are based on input from ambulatory healthcare providers and practice administrators. Likewise, the evolution of Nextgen Healthcare’s platform is based on client feedback. The success of our clients, and their patients, is at the very heart of our business strategy. So, simply put, Best in KLAS distinction is a 3rd party recognition that NextGen Healthcare puts our clients first.

We’re proud to work with the ambulatory community to empower the transformation of ambulatory care. Our common goal is a world where providers, administrators and staff benefit from streamlined operations, simplified documentation, more engaged patients, better financial outcomes, and a more favorable work-life balance. And their communities benefit from improved health and wellness. 

This award belongs to the 2,700 dedicated team members who wake up every day with a passion and drive to bring our mission to life. And to our clients, who put their faith and trust in us to provide the best possible platform while they provide the best possible care. Congratulations to all.


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John S. Beck

Chief Solutions Officer and Executive Vice President

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The financial and clinical challenges you face now are evolving rapidly. Here are resources, solutions, and ideas we think will help.

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