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Reducing burnout is a hot topic in healthcare today, for good reason. In Medscape's 2022 Physician Burnout and Depression report, an average of 47% of surveyed participants reported feeling burned out in the last year.

Clinicians everywhere are looking to step away from the office and find freedom from the intense pressure of healthcare practice. How can medical practices meet them in the middle, providing the flexibility and control they need while encouraging them to continue to provide excellent care?

First step: Go mobile

Mobile EHR solutions can help your practice's work environment be less stressful for physicians. Mobile EHR technology sets the stage for higher productivity, better planning, and more control over work-life balance. Your practice can also implement best practices to provide better care with mobile solutions.

Help physicians maximize in-between moments

With a mobile EHR, physicians are no longer tethered to a computer station in the office after hours. Now, your surgeons can sign off on tasks on their smartphones.

If they want to finish charting while attending their kid's soccer game, they can. If their spouse is driving them to dinner, they can complete their work on the go. If they want to review the provider approval queue (PAQ) while taking a walk, they can.

Charting and checking the PAQ will no longer keep physicians alone in the office after closing. It can be done in the spur of the moment outside the office.

Maximizing the in-between moments can save hours typically spent charting after the workday ends. Get your surgeons back to doing more of what they love and less of what prevents them from finding fulfillment in their work. Happier clinicians are more productive.

Facilitate action on urgent matters

Often, critical information comes into the PAQ after a physician leaves the office. For example, lab results come back for a patient with an infected total joint. With a mobile EHR, lab results in the PAQ can be viewed conveniently on a smartphone, making it easier for a surgeon to review them and adapt their schedule to take action if necessary. For example, the surgeon may see that a procedure needs to be moved up in the schedule, and they must go to work earlier the next day. The sooner the surgeon has this information, the less stressful it is to make changes, and the higher potential for better healthcare outcomes for their patients.

Without mobile technology, the situation is more challenging. With a traditional EHR system, a surgeon may not check a patient’s record until they arrive at work in the morning. They have to log in and see if they need to rearrange their schedule to accommodate a patient. Instead of realizing the night before and having time to process it, they start their day under greater stress.

Provide greater flexibility and control

Mobile technology makes a surgeon’s busy workday more flexible. Physicians will likely be more comfortable without a laptop to lug around or being stuck in front of a desktop computer for hours. Connectivity is readily available via the smartphone, removing another layer of stress.

A mobile solution helps relieve surgeons from having to chart after a long day. Integration of mobile technology with the EHR mitigates documentation burdens and allows more time to concentrate on caring for patients. Ultimately, a mobile option helps make your medical practice an employer of choice and helps reduce burnout among surgeons.

Choose your mobile solution carefully

With the right mobile solution, physicians can capture, access, and share clinical data in real time; view schedules in real-time; upload images; access the PAQ; text securely; conduct e-prescribing; and eSign documents—all from a mobile device.

Mobile technology puts patient data at the physicians’ fingertips. Information is received instantaneously, and access to charts is seamless. With a mobile health IT solution, it’s all within grasp today. Learn how Capital Women’s Care saves time and alleviates physician burnout.

All physicians deserve to feel fulfilled and happy in their work—find out how mobile solutions can get your practice one step closer to making this dream a reality. To learn more on how to achieve greater efficiency in your practice, check out “Can a Mobile Solution Revolutionize Your Day?"

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Molly Van Oordt
Director, Specialty Solutions
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Director, Specialty Solutions