Simplify your life with an all-in-one billing and collections partner

NextGen RCM Services provides consulting and outsourcing for physician billing, collections, and claims. We combine innovative technology and proprietary revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions to help your practice get every dollar it deserves.

  • Optimize revenue cycle results
  • Decrease A/R days and claims denials
  • Accelerate cash flow
  • Eliminate regulatory compliance headaches
  • Focus more on care, not daily billing and collecting functions


Here is what is included in the kit:

  • Video: The Path to Revenue Optimization
  • eBook: Seven Secrets to Getting Paid
  • Checklist: How Does Your Billing Measure up?
We're first in KLAS

We're excited to announce KLAS has ranked NextGen RCM Services highest overall for any ambulatory vendor* and individually for:

  • effectiveness of claims processing
  • patient-facing support performance
  • efficiency gained by customers
  • sustainability of pricing
  • trust as a business partner

*from the 2014 Ambulatory RCM Services Report


or visit our blog for more on this achievement.

Relieve enrollment headaches with NextGen RCM Credentialing Services

With NextGen RCM Credentialing, we make your paperwork our problem. Let us take provider enrollment off your hands and protect you from time and revenue drains, accreditation issues, malpractice suits, and other dangers that arise from credentialing mistakes.

Get the credentialing efficiency checklist today!


We'll solve your business challenges; you focus on care.

  • Rising operating costs
    We reduce your expenses and increase your collections. Our services pay for themselves
  • Staff Turnover
    CPAs, coding and billing professionals; we're always staffed for you
  • Regulatory Changes
    Our experts help ensure you're prepared
  • Value-based reimbursement
    We minimize risks and optimize the rewards
  • Keeping pace with technology
    Leverage leading software and powerful reporting tools

Watch one client's results.

Take a revealing look behind billing office doors.

In our second annual revenue cycle management survey, get eye-opening billing insights from hundreds of medical practices.


It’s like adding a second shift to your billing department

If you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete the billing cycle, NextGen RCM Services has the answer. When your office is closed, your claims are being processed and optimized; technology handles your labor-intensive billing tasks.

Optimizing Patient Collections

Promote practice growth

Outsourcing your billing and collections can free up resources and reduce administrative costs. Allow your providers to focus more on care and grow the practice. See how one group used NextGen RCM Services to help grow their business.

Optimize revenue, improve cash flow and results

Get the essential expertise and business intelligence you need to optimize revenue, improve cash flow, and increase profitability. We fix revenue leaks to improve the bottom line. And by improving clinical and administrative workflows, we also help reduce documentation burdens, expedite patient throughput, and enhance care management.

Download our RCM Services billing, collections, and claims brochure


Optimize your HIT investment

We go far beyond just A/R, billing, and back office process. Our technology experts use prescriptive methodologies to engineer the best technology configuration and use for your specific practice; customizing solutions that optimize existing systems or helping you identify and use new ones. All focused on maximizing ROI for your HIT investment while improving workflow, clinical outcomes, and financial results.

Why is NextGen RCM Services your best choice for better results?

  1. Our solutions are built to manage and anticipate change

    With NextGen RCM Services on your side, you’ll stay ahead of regulatory changes, keep pace with value-based reimbursement models, and coordinate care with providers, payers, and regulatory agencies.

  2. Expertise

    More than 900 experts, including certified accountants, coders, billing specialists, technologists, analysts, and other revenue cycle professionals with proven results

  3. Better clinical solutions

    Designed by clinicians for clinicians with robust clinical content for over 25 specialties

  4. Customized & flexible

    Flexible service delivery model provides a solution custom-tailored to your exact needs; optimize revenue by addressing YOUR specific revenue killers

  5. Advanced Software

    Seamless integration across the NextGen® product suite and interoperable with other systems. Get consistent, streamlined workflow among providers, hospitals, and patients. With anytime, anywhere access to a shared knowledge database

  6. Streamlined workflow & data sharing

    Get consistent, streamlined workflow among providers, hospitals, and patients; with anytime, anywhere access to a shared knowledge database

  7. Proficiency in difficult tasks

    From credentialing to claims denial resolution, our specialists resolve challenges that ordinary services send back to clients

  8. Optimize efficiency

    We’ll streamline workflow, accelerate revenue, prepare you for regulatory changes, and resolve billing problems before they impact your bottom line

  9. Low upfront costs

    Move from a fixed-cost structure to a variable one that parallels your revenue

  10. We only get paid when you get paid

    Thrive with our pay for performance, when you get paid, fixed-percentage model

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