NextGen Share

Introducing NextGen Share
Facilitate easy data exchange and fewer clicks.

Use industry standards to easily send secure, Direct messages between providers

NextGen Share addresses the most pressing and difficult challenges that providers typically have with interoperability.

NextGen Share:

  • Is easy, not complicated
  • Works within the normal clinical workflow
  • Provides actionable data
  • Significantly reduces clicks for referrals

NextGen Share allows clients to find connected providers and organizations on the network; compose and exchange a referral with clinical documents; and count such transactions for their Meaningful Use stage 2 attestation.

Interoperability is the key driver of collaborative care

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  • Simplifies interoperability.

    NextGen Share makes communication with external providers as simple as sending an email

  • Extends your reach.

    Search and discover providers in your neighborhood or around the country and send a patient’s entire clinical history, document attachments, and patient images

  • Enables clinical decision making.

    Data received through NextGen Share is actionable and can be imported easily into the NextGen Ambulatory EHR

How We're Different

NextGen Share is now DTAAP Certified

What does this mean?

The Direct Trust Agent Accreditation Program (DTAAP) validates and supports compliance with the technical, security, trust, and business practices required for Direct messaging. Read more about this achievement. DTAAP certification assures that NextGen® Share meets the highest standards in data privacy and security. In addition, NextGen Share DTAAP certification is another way to extend the reach of community partners with whom you can exchange secure messages. Those on the NextGen Share network can easily connect to community partners using other DTAAP certified HISPs.

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