Health Information Exchange (HIE) Solution

Put your healthcare data to work

Fragmented health IT systems make it difficult to get community or private health information exchanges (HIEs) up and running.

What’s more, the technology used to create Health Information Exchanges can be expensive and difficult to deploy.

What’s the solution? Choose an integrated health data exchange that lets you aggregate data from multiple disparate sources, analyze it, and get actionable data to make informed care and business decisions.

Our health information exchange model makes it easier to:

1. Create a community-wide view of your patients from disparate data sources

2. Access data for powerful population health reporting

3. Improve care coordination with timely alerts

One HIE solution improves care transitions and coordination

Create a smoother, more cohesive HIE experience by implementing a health information exchange that improves care transitions and care coordination through intelligent alerting, notifications, and clinical document distribution.

Does your health information exchange vendor offer:

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Data integration engine

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Central data repository

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Secure Messaging for providers

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Care management tools

Plus NextGen Healthcare helps support new value-based payment models such as PQRS or the value-based modifier with powerful data analysis functions.

Is it time for a new Health Information Exchange provider?

"Five Signs You Need a New HIE Solution"


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