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Seamlessly capture patient-reported outcomes (PROs) to maintain a patient-centric practice

Capturing PROs can consume a significant amount of time for patients and practices. Clinect PROs allows patients to respond to PRO requests through text, email, in-office tablets, or on their mobile device—anytime, anywhere.

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Benefits of Clinect PROs
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Better understand your patient’s needs
Ensure patient touchpoints throughout the patient’s treatment.
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Maintain touchpoints with patients
Achieve a more detailed understanding of a patient’s symptoms and emotional state to determine a personalized care plan.
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Ensure better clinical outcomes
Enable patients to provide their view of their outcomes from either the practice or at home.
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Keep providers well informed
Provide clinical data to providers before discussions with patients.
Authorize process in EHR technology.
Speed up insurance pre-authorization
Automatically capture patient condition data to facilitate insurance pre-authorization.
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Increase efficiency
Save personnel time and focus more on patient care.

Clinect PROs: A Clinect Healthcare solution in partnership with NextGen Healthcare

If your practice engages in quality programs then efficiently documented PROs are essential.
PROs dashboard
Provides an overview of patients who received PROs along with their progression status and enables practices to resend or present PROs easily.
Clinect PROs is a solution that allows patients to respond to PRO requests through text, email, in-office tablets.
PROs ordering
Sends/schedules PROs to patients in or outside the office.
Easily collect patient reported outcomes (PROs) with NextGen Healthcare.
Monitors all activity, including responses, reporting, alerts, and analytics.
Insurance companies have begun to require PROs to be collected prior to authorizing various procedures.
Automated longitudinal cadence
Triggers what to ask and when to engage with patients both in and outside the office.

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