Labcorp Diagnostic Assistant


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Labcorp Diagnostic Assistant provides patient-centric data and insights where it matters most – at the point of care. Embedded in your NextGen EHR, Labcorp Diagnostic Assistant gives you real-time patient level access to Labcorp’s unified data platform, across approximately 2,000 patient service centers and accounts (covering nearly half of the total U.S. population). Through Labcorp Diagnostic Assistant, a patient’s Labcorp test results ordered anywhere, by any clinician throughout the United States, are connected with their NextGen EHR data.

How this works in the context of a patient visit occurs in four simple steps:

As you open a patient medical record in your NextGen EHR, Labcorp Diagnostic Assistant collects information from that patient’s record.

Next, Labcorp Diagnostic Assistant identifies if the patient had any lab tests performed at Labcorp outside of your organization.

Those additional Labcorp test results are then connected with the information from the NextGen EHR to create a single patient record.

That single patient record is displayed for you in your NextGen EHR in real-time at the point of care. Without Labcorp Diagnostic Assistant, your NextGen EHR’s lab data could be incomplete for many patients, potentially altering treatment plan decisions.

Some of the features that promote better patient outcomes and greater patient satisfaction include:

• One-click access to a patient’s integrated lab view between Labcorp and your NextGen EHR, along with immediate access to detailed Labcorp reports.

• Filters and customization so you can easily drill down to the exact information you need during a patient visit.

• SmartTrends™ displaying the patient’s laboratory data from Labcorp and clinical data from the NextGen EHR in a single, longitudinal view to give a clear picture of the patient’s clinical course.

• Seamless delivery of Labcorp’s guideline-driven lab insights into your NextGen EHR. Clinical guideline-based decision support features highlight diagnoses that may have been missed, identify gaps in testing, and generate actionable recommendations.

On top of that, integration is a snap within your existing NextGen EHR system.

With Labcorp Diagnostic Assistant, you have immediate access to every patient's Labcorp results along with patient-specific, evidence-based insights that truly change the way you can provide care to your patients.