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Version of NGE supported:
NGE 5.9.0, 5.9.1, 5.9.2, 5.9.3, 5.9.4, and 6.2021.1

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Health Here’s Clinic Q Suite enables practices to rise above the fee-for-service grind and prioritize the most fundamental aspect of care: the patient-provider relationship.


The Clinic Q platform includes a set of tools to streamline patient intake, patient collections, cost estimates, episodic payments, and patient-reported outcomes. The Clinic Q suite includes:


  • Q Flow Intake:
    Specialty-Specific Digital Intake 
    • Drives adoption rates as high as 97% with omnichannel check-in options, including automated pre-check texts/emails and in-clinic kiosks and tablets
    • Bidirectionally-integrated with NextGen PM & EHR, allowing practices to completely automate their patient intake process and reduce administrative burden
    • Proven to double front desk staff efficiency
  • Q Code Estimator:
    Patient-Specific Cost Estimates and Prepays
    • Refers directly to practice allowable fee schedules to create highly accurate estimates that respect multi-procedure discounting
    • Prompts patients over email and SMS to easily collect prepays prior to delivering care 
    • Drives pre-collections rates of 60% within three days of estimate delivery with >$600 collected per patient estimate
    • Simplifies compliance with CMS’ Good Faith Estimate (GFE) requirements
  • Qūb Episodic Payments:
    Next Generation Bundled Payments
    • Powers a variety of value-based models including commercial, self-pay, and direct-to-employer (DTE) bundles
    • Build and price direct-to-employer and commercial bundles and automate episodic payments between employers, patients, and providers
    • Includes deep episodic analytics that empowers practices to optimize their episodic payment strategy
  • Q Pro Patient Outcomes:
    Intelligent & Integrated PROMs
    • Streamlines the collection and reporting of patient-reported outcome measures (PROM’s) and other patient surveys 
    • Automates the delivery of PROM questionnaires at appropriate intervals before, during, and after an episode care
    • Includes detailed, customizable PRO analytics