The Reinvention of Ambulatory Practices

How Technology Empowers the New Era of Healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic is an accelerator of change. This white paper explores business and patient engagement initiatives that play critical roles during these uncertain times.

How can your practice move forward?

Practices that embrace innovation will have a greater chance of overcoming unexpected challenges. As healthcare evolves, you can leverage technology to:

  • Increase patient engagement for vaccine distribution
  • Redefine the waiting room
  • Incorporate a virtual visit model that runs parallel to traditional visits
  • Meet patient expectations and offer new ways to address staff concerns
  • Utilize population health management tools
  • Integrate behavioral health and primary care

Understanding the direction healthcare is going can help you refine your strategy and position your practice for a sustainable future.

“Technology has emerged as the driving force to achieve success. As a result, many ambulatory practices are adopting the latest tools to enhance efficiency along all stages of the patient journey.”

—Excerpt from The Reinvention of Ambulatory Practices

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