How to Staff a Medical Practice in an Unpredictable Marketplace

A hiring strategy that helps you move forward

Explore trends likely to impact how you staff your medical office. As practices place greater emphasis on virtual visits and care management, staff will need to be flexible and have multiple skill sets.

Maximize your revenue

As you staff your offices in this unpredictable environment, there are considerations in this E-book that can help you:

  • Reduce administrative burdens and free up key staff
  • Adapt a telehealth solution that integrates with the EHR and practice management system
  • Enable non-clinical staff to work from home
  • Operate efficiently with less office space
  • Increase focus on care management as value-based payment models become more prevalent

“Given the likelihood of staffing changes, more medical practices may focus on their core competency—high-quality care delivery—and unburden themselves of specific administrative tasks that can be outsourced. ”

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