of patients avoided a physician due to a negative online review



of patients prefer scheduling appointments and requesting refills, on their own, online



more patient and physician engagement can occur with apps and an online portal

Features that let you focus on what matters most

Benefit highlights

True partnership

We closely partner with you to help you more simply navigate the complexities of today's changing healthcare landscape, and focus more on providing patient care.

Value-based success

The automation of actionable items, prevalidation, and population management help you participate in ACOs and PCMHs, and manage chronically ill patients.

Accurate revenue realization

Our financial solutions help you predictably succeed in all required quality and payer reporting programs, grants, and funding with contract management.

Enhanced interoperability

Our EHR solutions enable and ease data exchange between patients and providers, payers, health registries, and other organizations.

Improved payer contracts

You can proactively manage your payer contracts, while utilizing risk stratification to optimize outcomes.

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Healthcare providers must work harder to accommodate the wants and needs of these newly "consumerized" patients. In addition to expecting high quality care, consumers of healthcare want to do business with a medical practice that respects their preferences.

How we help

We provide tailored solutions to fit the precise needs of ambulatory practices, as they strive to reach the quadruple aim while navigating the journey of value-based care.