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NextGen Clinical Document Abstraction
Eliminate excessive electronic
& paper documents

Free your practice to focus on what it does best

Now you can have valuable information extracted from electronic and paper documents—by a centralized Data Abstraction team. Within 24 hours, documents are filed in the patient chart and clinical information is entered as discrete data in the EHR.

How NextGen Clinical Document Abstraction Works

Four simple steps to cut your documentation burden—both electronic and paper

Step 1:
Assembly of content

  • Electronic documents, for example e-faxes, are delivered to a centralized network folder on your practice’s computer system.
  • Your staff gathers and scans paper documents and places electronic copies in this folder as well.

Step 2:
Automated delivery

  • The contents of the centralized folder are delivered automatically to a Document Abstraction team.
  • Delivery is programmed and automated using an application within NextGen Enterprise called the NextGen Background Business Processor.

Step 3:
Data entry by a centralized team

Based on directions from your practice, the Document Abstraction team may:

  • Index and file information within the EHR
  • Abstract data—collect data from the documentation and enter it into discrete fields in the EHR
  • Update quality measures
  • Communicate with your staff to manage any issues that arise during filing and abstraction

Step 4:
Quality Assurance

  • The Document Abstraction team checks for errors, missing information, or items that require further action.
  • Questionable items and those requiring further action are sent back to your office staff via tasking.
  • Quality audits are performed regularly.

What to expect

Within 24 hours:

  • Documents are filed in the patient chart in the EHR
  • Clinical content is entered as discrete data
  • Quality measures are updated
  • Items requiring review or further action are sent back to your staff


Support for delivering quality care and running a more effective organization


Time savings

Each day, providers can expect to save approximately 20 minutes and support staff members can expect to save about two hours—based on historical utilization of similar services.


Greater clinical efficiency

Better access to clinical data helps increase quality of care while lowering overall costs. As one example, orders are closed when results are received, which helps prevent unnecessary tests and procedures.


Less stress

NextGen Clinical Document Abstraction may offer physicians relief from stress caused by searching for documents and more time to devote to self-care and family and friends.


Improved quality reporting

Abstraction of predefined data sets helps improve quality reporting.


A more comprehensive
patient chart

Documentation is more thorough and accurate. The right data is available in the right place.


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