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The financial and clinical challenges you face now are evolving rapidly. Here are resources, solutions, and ideas we think will help.

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Become a NextGen Healthcare API Developer

Welcome to the NextGen API Developer Program.
NextGen Healthcare has a extensive set of APIs enabling Clients and Vendors to integrate their applications with the NextGen Enterprise platform. The NextGen API Developer Program focuses on vendor organizations and current clients that have or are developing API-powered applications compatible with the NextGen Enterprise platform. Our goal is to provide the tools that make it easy to develop and integrate with us. Choose the "Learn More" link below the program that best aligns to your organization and application to begin.

Patient Access APIs for regulatory compliance

The NextGen Healthcare EHR platform is certified to the 2015 Certification requirements for patient electronic access to their clinical data. Our Patient Access platform provides the necessary tools you need to develop applications that individual patients can use to retrieve their clinical information from any active API-enabled NextGen Healthcare organization. There is no charge to develop a Patient Access app; simply click the link to sign up.

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Open Access Developer Program

Our Open Access Developer Program is designed especially for Clients that want to develop their own API application for their organization's internal use. There is no fee to develop or deploy an application under this program. If an API application developed by a NextGen Healthcare client is deemed beneficial to other NextGen Healthcare clients, Clients are offered the option to move toward the API Distribution Program to release the application to other Clients in the NextGen Healthcare community. If API platform usage is limited to certified API technology, NextGen Healthcare Clients are able to distribute their application as they see fit.

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API Distributor Program

The NextGen Healthcare API Distributor Program is a full-service development platform that provides all the tools and documentation you need to develop and launch an API app for the NextGen Healthcare community. There is no charge to develop your API application or use our platform with our API Sandboxes (see this page for deployment requirements and full details). API Distributors have the option to engage in our value-add services and other strategic opportunities. Our goal remains to bring innovative applications to NextGen Clients that will increase workflow efficiencies while improving patient care and outcomes.

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Benefit Highlights


Easy to do

Being easy to do business with regarding third party developers and strategic partners through easy on-boarding and contracting.



Bring innovative applications to our client base by providing an array of usable API's


Low Financial Barriers for Entry

Minimize financial barriers to bring app developers and apps to our marketplace.


Preferred Partner Treatment

Technical support through formal partner program. NextGen will be there to help with business development, marketing and API marketplace.