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Time is on your side with an EMR for urgent care facilities

NextGen Office can save your urgent care clinic valuable time, streamline workflows, improve clinical outcomes, and refine reporting. Enhance the care experience for you, your staff, and your patients.

Combat Rising Costs of Running Your Own Practice
Explore how one, integrated solution can help you achieve your clinical, financial, and operational goals.
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Meet your new AI ally, NextGen Office Ambient Assist
NextGen Office Ambient Assist securely converts the spoken, natural patient-provider conversation into a structured SOAP note that can be reviewed and edited by providers and automatically integrated into the patients chart in NextGen Office. This revolutionary tool significantly reduces post-visit note completion time, as SOAP notes are generated instantly upon the visit's end and can be reviewed within seconds.
  • Generates a note with 90% accuracy, prior to review
  • Saves providers up to 2 hours a day
  • Frees providers to focus on patient relationships without distraction
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    Solutions tailored to your urgent care needs

    An injured patient waiting to receive urgent care
    Patient check-in
    Automate insurance verification before the patient arrives, addressing covered benefits and patient responsibility at the time of service.
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    A doctor wrapping up an injured ankle in an urgent care setting
    During the visit
    Touch, talk, or type a complete SOAP note on any Apple® or Windows® desktop, tablet, or mobile device at the point of care.
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    A doctor wrapping up an injured hand in an urgent care setting
    Patient checkout
    Provide patients with detailed care instructions. Make use of easy scheduling workflows and the ability to collect payments all in one place.
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    A man and a woman smiling after receiving urgent care
    After the visit
    Empower patients to manage their health better. Securely send patient education, lab results, and payment options.
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    Benefits of NextGen Office
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    Better workflows
    Consolidate patient data, billing, and reporting workflows with a web-based EHR that includes e-prescribing, connections to major labs, a room status dashboard, and a patient portal for all your urgent care needs.
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    Advantages of the cloud
    Make documentation easy using a tablet, smartphone, desktop, or laptop with a touchscreen-enabled, ONC 2015 CURES-Certified, and HIPAA-compliant solution.
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    Integrated PM and clearinghouse
    Devote more time to patients by simplifying medical billing processes. Access revenue cycle management services to support urgent care staffing and claim denial management.
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    Reporting and analytics
    Improve compliance with MACRA/MIPS reporting and detailed practice-wide financial analytics and business intelligence.
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    Communication and outreach
    Send text and email appointment reminders, direct messages, e-fax, and offer virtual visits. Integration with Doctible—a patient communication and retention solution—helps further solidify patient outreach.

    Our partnership with NextGen Office has helped us in the aspect of timesaving tremendously. It has helped us to care for our patients and let them be heard. Our providers can now be in a room, listening to them, without having in the back of their minds how much work they’re going to have to do at the end of the night.

    Kristen Beers
    General Manager Gateway/Mercy Urgent Care
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    Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial
    “Gone were the fax machine, prescription refill paper messages, phone insurance verification, calling patients with lab results, and decreased productivity dealing with buggy software integrations.”
    Glenn Orsak MD
    Medical Director
    Friendswood Family Medicine
    Best in KLAS Small Practice EHR
    For the third year in a row NextGen Healthcare's EHR has won "Best in KLAS"
    Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial Five star testimonial
    “I don’t need an in-house biller because I see what NextGen [Healthcare] can do. The system allows me to view the claim lines, read the encounter notes, and see when claims are appealed. I can see the workflow behind the claim, which is fantastic.”
    Wanda Reda, RN
    Practice Manager
    Frank Reda, MD, Internal Medicine
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