One health record for primary care and behavioral health

An integrated, whole-person approach to patient care is essential. When community health centers integrate primary care, behavioral, and oral health data into one system, providers can access a patient’s complete health record and are fully equipped to manage care.

Unlock the Power of an Integrated Health IT Platform
Better patient outcomes, improved provider satisfaction, and lower costs of care—these are the benefits of an integrated platform.
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NextGen Behavioral Health Earns #1 Spot in 2024 Best in KLAS Report
The industry’s only platform to integrate comprehensive behavioral health, primary care, oral health, addiction treatment, and human services in one software solution. Support the delivery of whole-person care across outpatient, residential, and community care settings.
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Better whole-person care for your community
Whole-person care relies on the ability to integrate behavioral health, primary care, human services, and foster care data in one place. Explore what an integrated care solution can do for your healthcare ecosystem with this interactive experience.
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Journey to integrated care
An exclusive look at how Bowen Center and Terros Health leverage integrated care resources to support whole-person care.
Benefits of an integrated EHR system
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Whole-person care delivery
Overcome the complex challenges of whole-person community health by adopting a single database for primary care, behavioral health (mental health and addiction), dental, human services (IDD), and foster care content.
Mobile documentation
Provide caregivers a quick, easy way—wherever they are—to fully document patient encounters, complete key clinical tasks, and collaborate efficiently with the patient's coordinated care team.
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All-in-one reporting
Meet changes in reporting requirements by adding new data points, workflows, and modifications. The system integrates UDS, CMS, PQRS, CCM, PCMH, MIPS/MACRA, value-based payment, PRAPARE, HQM, SOGI, Ryan White, and FPAR reporting.
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Seamless interoperability
Facilitate care coordination and complete patient treatment by enabling CHC/FQHC facilities, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), and non-NextGen Healthcare systems to communicate with each other.
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Expert support and services
Access the largest footprint of FQHC data to implement better, faster, and more cost-efficient care. Gain insights and improve care models with the help of the NextGen Community Health Collaborative.
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Revenue-generating solutions
Get every dollar your organization earns and maximize financial performance with solutions that capture revenue at the lowest cost.
Online destination for integrated care resources
Whole-Person Care Headquarters provides integrated care, community behavioral health, and human services organizations with best practices, case studies, strategy and technology insights. Access vital resources that promote financial sustainability and ongoing innovation.
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NextGen Healthcare was the only comprehensive solution to provide unmatched provider and patient experience through configurability, flexibility, and scalability while addressing the needs of a growing organization like ours with multiple lines of service.

Carl Coyle, MSW
Chief Executive Officer Liberty Resources
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