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Integrated EHR software keeps you focused on surgery

An award-winning practice management solution and a CURES-certified EHR can minimize distractions and tedious tasks. Get the support you need to manage the clinical and business sides of general surgery.

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Solutions tailored to your general surgery needs

A patient discussing options with a surgeon
Before the visit
Allow patients to schedule their appointment online and receive reminders for required documents ahead of time, reducing in-office delays.
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A patient checking in for their general surgery consultation with a doctor
Conveniently view patient questionnaires before surgery. Securely transfer consent forms to the patient record. Reduce check-in time while enhancing patient satisfaction.
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A surgeon performing surgery with proper equipment
During the visit
Dictate visits easily with your smartphone and keep your EHR updated. Save time and leave the office with your last patient.
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A surgeon submitting post-care instructions on a mobile device
Quickly view your schedule and clinical data on your smartphone between visits.
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A patient viewing their post-op instructions on a patient portal on their laptop
After the visit
Empower patients to manage their postsurgical care better. Securely send patient education, surgical results, and information on payment options.
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Benefits of a general surgery EHR software
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Automatic insurance eligibility check
Automate surgical billing, statements, and claims processes and allow staff to focus more on meeting patients’ needs.
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Stabilized Revenue
Collect every dollar you earn and maximize financial performance with solutions that capture revenue at the lowest cost.
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Mobile solution
Ensure surgeons can easily complete key clinical tasks, document detailed patient encounters, and streamline collaboration between the patient's coordinated care team.
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Improved patient engagement
Encourage patients to engage in their postsurgical care with virtual visits, secure messaging, and online scheduling.
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Integrated picture archiving and communication system (PACS)
Complete an entire clinical viewing and reporting workflow without having to exit and reopen the EHR.
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A community that fosters success
Engage with the Success Community and gain access to a host of educational resources and training opportunities.
EHR solutions tailored to your general surgery needs.
Health IT that does it all
The benefits of one health IT solution that covers your EHR, practice management, billing, and more are endless. See how having all your IT solutions under one umbrella might be right for you.
Integrated EHR software keeps you focused on surgery.
Hold on to what you earn
No matter how many patients you want to help, you will be held back without an efficient and streamlined revenue cycle. Learn how to manage yours better so you can return to delivering the care you are proud of.
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Sometimes I feel like I am a representative for NextGen Clearinghouse because I sing their praises to so many people, but working with them has been a joy and solidified our billing and reimbursements.

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