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Exceed correctional care standards and regulations

An integrated corrections EHR solution loaded with specialized content is the key for correctional facilities to meet the modern healthcare demands they face, all while giving their ROI a jumpstart in the process.

Leverage a Truly Integrated Healthcare Solution for Corrections
Discover how to enhance care and control costs.
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NextGen Healthcare
Ranked #1 EHR and PM by Black Book Research
The Mid Size To Enterprise Practices solutions and Practice Management (PM) solutions solutions by NextGen Healthcare were top ranked by independent healthcare analyst firm Black Book Research for the sixth consecutive year. NextGen Healthcare was ranked #1 EHR in 6–10, 11–25 and 26–99 Physician Groups (All Specialties) and #1 PM solution in all Physician Groups with 6–99 providers in the 2023 Ambulatory EHR PM User Survey.
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Benefits for correctional health systems
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A single sign-on EHR for integrated care
Utilize our correctional health EHR to provide medical, dental, and behavioral care and more on a single, integrated patient record.
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Boosted ROI
To increase your ROI, you need automated data collection, user-friendly reporting tools, and a proactive facility health management system. Our solution does just that to help you cut costs and increase funding opportunities.
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Specialized correctional health content
Our correctional health EHR systems have content designed to meet your unique practice needs. Searchable inmate IDs, nurse protocols, segregation and suicide precautions, and much more content allow the seamless practice of integrated care.
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Improved care quality
Improved care quality greatly reduces the likeliness of increased future care needs. Our EHR solutions support correctional facilities with streamlined data entry and documentation alongside population health options to stay on top of patient health.
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Easily meet or exceed industry standards
Comply with standards and guidelines from the NCCHC, ACA, and BOP with improved overall documentation, more secure data entry and storage, and better processes to combat costs and risks associated with transportation challenges.
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Eased integration with vendor-agnostic interoperability
Our interoperable EHR systems for corrections with robust clinical content enable correctional institutions and community-based providers to continue ensuring care for people re-entering communities with mental illness, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, or other chronic or serious conditions.


Correctional care solutions tailored to your needs

An administrator facilitating better correctional care due to advanced standards
Advance on standards
Meet—or exceed—industry standards, improve overall documentation, ensure privacy, and solve transportation challenges. Comply with standards and guidelines from the NCCHC, ACA, and BOP.
A doctor intaking patient forms
Ease patient intake
View the patient's history of present illness (HPI) and medications list. Reduce clicks and check-in time to expedite patient visits and reduce time in transport.
A doctor seamlessly documenting a visit on a mobile device
Improved patient visits
Mobile dictation and scribe services allow physicians to step away from the EHR and give more attention to visiting patients and save time in the process.
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A provider administering care remotely on her laptop with a secure virtual visit software
Flexible, secure processing
Configure data capture tools for various staff needs to complete billing and payment processing in diverse environments.
A doctor providing an inmate with safe and effective post-care
Better post-care
Better documentation and data management systems lead to better healthcare outcomes, reduced population movement costs, and a more reliable ROI.
Correctional care solutions to help your facility exceed industry standards.
One and Done: Health IT That Does It All
When physicians focus on integrated care, patient healthcare outcomes improve, and so does the opportunity to increase a facility’s ROI.
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NextGen Healthcare offers an integrated corrections EHR solution loaded with specialized content.
Buyers Guide for Corrections Checklist
The healthcare practices of a successful corrections facility require specialized systems, content, and services. Use this guide to make sure you end up with the right EHR software.
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