Keona’s Health Desk platform integrates with NextGen software in "real-time" and utilizes AI-supported ‘intelligent scheduling’ algorithms to easily guide both your agents and patients through complex scheduling workflows in mere seconds! 

This ensures 100% accuracy for appointment scheduling, factoring in unique provider rules/preferences.

Benefits to "patient self-scheduling":

  • Improve patient experience
  • Increase patient acquisition and new revenue
  • See 30% of your patient appointments scheduled online (no user id/password required!)
  • 100% Patient satisfaction
  • Reduce call volume by 30% as need to hire additional FTEs!

Benefits to "agent facing" contact center interface:

  • Improve user experience and productivity
  •  Ensure appointment accuracy
  • Automate Provider rules/preferences into scheduling workflows
  • Streamline other call workflows: triage, prescription refills, other
  • Reduce onboarding/training time for new scheduling agents
  • Reduce average call times so agents can be more productive