About EHR Barcode Reader

EHR Barcode Reader is an add-on application that streamlines the collection and documentation of vaccinations and medications administered directly into NextGen Enterprise via a 2D barcode reader.

The Order completion workflow for immunizations and medications is time-consuming and often results in data entry errors and/or inaccurate data. EHR Barcode Reader saves time and reduces data entry risks by integrating barcode scanning technology directly into your Immunization and MedAdmin Order completion workflow.

Barcode Scanning Workflow

Rather than manually entering all the data required to successfully complete an Order, your staff scans that data using the Barcode Reader template. The vial’s barcode provides the Lot #, Expiration, and NDC #, and the custom scan sheets provide barcode values for the Manufacturer, Units and Sites and other values.

Integrated with the NextGen Orders and Inventory modules, EHR Barcode Reader improves Order completion workflow.

Features and benefits

Integrated: Seamless integration with NextGen Enterprise’s Order and Inventory modules

Efficient and Accurate: Automatically records vaccine and medication data fields, including NDC, expiration, and lot number

Cost effective: Utilizes standard inexpensive 2D barcode technology

Customizable: Allows customized default fields, such as immunization registry fields, doses, units, series, routes, manufacturer, VIS, and more


  • NDC format logic to accommodate the proper ‘0’ position
  • VIS and VFC functionality
  • Required field validations
  • Inventory module integration of default values and count adjustment
  • Monthly Scan Audit Reports

Barcode Reader an efficient approach to the vaccine and medication administration process—a perfect addition to any medical practice seeking to improve patient care.