About Asparia

Integrated with NextGen, Asparia enables clinics to engage patients in their preferred language (150 languages supported) via conversational texting. By automating high-frequency communications such as appointment reminders and updating the record in NextGen in real time, Asparia reduces workload on clinic staff while improving revenue and patient satisfaction.

Available Features:

  1. Close Loop Appointment Reminders: Asparia automatically reminds patients of their upcoming visits and updates appointment status (confirm/cancel) in real time. If the patient wants to reschedule the appointment, Asparia creates a task for your staff with all the relevant information.
  2. Close Loop Recall: When a patient is due for preventive care (Annual, Diabetes Check, Mammogram, etc.), Asparia engages patients and gets their preference for scheduling preventive care visits. Based on this information, Asparia creates a task for your scheduling staff to arrange the visit.
  3. No-Show Follow Up: Asparia reaches out to patient, the day after no-show, and helps patients request a rebooking. The rebooking request is converted into a task for your scheduling staff.
  4. Reviews: Post visit, Asparia asks patients about their experience. If the patient reports great experience, Asparia then passes them a link of your social media (Google, Yelp, Facebook etc) to write a review.
  5. Broadcast Messaging: Using Asparia you can broadcast messages to patients with minimal efforts when the doctor is running late or the clinic is closed due to weather etc.