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The Trump Administration’s 2018 Healthcare Reboot

2017 was a year of tremendous uncertainty for healthcare providers. After spending the previous several years adjusting to the realities of and…

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Three takeaways from HIMSS18

Reflecting on HIMSS18, we are amazed at the ways information technology helps us collaborate through connected health, interoperability, shared health records and data analytics.

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Making referrals safer

During care transitions, communication breakdowns occur all too often, increasing the risk of medication errors and other threats to the health and well-being of patients. When handing off responsibility for patient care, tracking referrals presents a significant challenge.

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Quality Measurement - Could we have gone too far?

The complex, at times confusing landscape of quality measurement programs in which practices and providers are required to participate…

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A New Year, A Continued Mission

Barely one month into 2018 and healthcare has hit the ground running.

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Understanding Accountable Care Organizations

Ensure your patients get the right amount of care at the right time.

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Understanding Bundled Rates

Estimate your CCBHC revenue: Here's how to calculate your allowable and nonallowable charges.

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What's the difference between a certified community behavioral health clinic and a designated collaborating organization?

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Elements of a Chronic Care Management Plan

Practices must offer extensive services in addition to office visits. Ensure you bill properly for these tasks.

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