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When your practice employs a comprehensive medical scheduling software system with an integrated patient portal and patient scheduling software, the convenience and flexibility not only provides the customer service today’s consumers want, but it also serves to make your practice’s workflow more efficient.

Save time

Staff can shift their focus from spending time on the phone taking appointments to more pressing tasks. Appointment search quickly matches patient appointment requests with the provider's calendar. The scheduling interface should allow you to move appointments with a single drag and drop, schedule multiple resources for the same appointment time, as well as other customizable tools to help you simplify the process and reduce staff time required to schedule each appointment.

Remember, easy-to-use medical scheduling software, via a patient portal, also saves time for patients, who won't have to wait on hold while staff members look for available appointment times. Your practice only benefits when your patients are satisfied with the service and convenience you've provided them.

Save money

Time saving often translates into monetary savings for all of the same reasons mentioned above – and a medical scheduling system can eliminate the need for staff members to work overtime. But, in addition to the "time-is-money" equation, a comprehensive medical scheduling system will offer features to reduce "no-shows," like appointment reminders.

Around-the-clock convenience

Your patients are busy, too. Offices that only schedule appointments over the phone during office hours may be imposing quite the inconvenience for potential patients, who are oftentimes also working at the same time. Patients have become savvy consumers. They download movies instantly, they can buy everything they need online – they even date online. They want the same type of quality and accessibility in their health care. The 24-hour ability to schedule their appointments online rather than over the phone caters to patient preference.

When implemented through a state-of-the-art patient portal, web-based booking becomes a seamless and efficient function: the best way to manage provider schedules and provide convenience for your patients.

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