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Over the past few weeks, the healthcare industry has gone through a staggering virtual transformation. Practices have been stepping up in a variety of ways to provide solutions for people to get medical care virtually with the dramatic increase in interest for telemedicine since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Direct-to-Consumer telehealth is on the rise, but an even more impressive shift is happening in ambulatory practices across the country. Providers are arming themselves with telehealth capabilities to continue providing care to their own patients. 

But very few practices have the marketing budget and even fewer have the hours in the day to appropriately inform patients of their new offering. Now Google can help do some of that work for you.

In the last few days, Google has rolled out new updates to its Google My Business (GMB) platform for healthcare providers and medical professionals. Now health professionals can let their patients know about their virtual care offering in their Google business profile. Google will surface options “to get online care” when people are searching for a provider or other medical services. This includes both consumer-facing companies as well as local practices who have their telehealth capabilities listed in their Google profile.

The new virtual care feature allows practices to promote virtual visit services to prospective patients that are looking for a telehealth provider. This is especially important to show your existing patient population and prospective new patients that you have these services available during the pandemic.

This also helps you prepare for the bounce-back in demand once the crisis subsides. With the average virtual visit lasting 12 minutes, providers can visit more patients in their day. With services like self-scheduling, that are integrated into the practice management systems, providers can increase office efficiencies and re purpose staff to focus on more important tasks. This means you can continue to increase visits virtually long after the pandemic is over.  

Be sure to check out this quick guide with 4 easy steps to get set up. It’s really a valuable feature to help inform your patients during the emergency and long after the pandemic is over. 

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Sarah Green
VP, Commercialization