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As healthcare evolves at light speed, medical providers and executives turn to health data analytics to make informed decisions about patient care, resource allocations, and operational efficiency. There’s no shortage of data—in fact, the enormous amount of data can be seen as an overwhelming flood. 

Currently, the healthcare industry generates 30 percent of the planet’s data volume. This figure will reach 36 percent by 2025. The pace of growth is 10 percent faster than financial services. [i]

Feeding data to the healthcare ecosystem 

Health information exchange (HIE) organizations aggregate data from disparate systems for use at the point of care. As the largest data movers and aggregators in the healthcare ecosystem, they provide interoperability infrastructure for cities, states, healthcare providers, hospital systems, care managers, long-term care networks, ACOs, public health agencies, payers, national networks, and other data exchange organizations. 

Healthcare organizations will require new data sets as care delivery shifts further into value-based care models. This demand for more useable data is also driven by the broad adoption of commoditized standards (HL7, CDA, FHIR, etc.) and regulatory hammers such as information blocking and the breakdown of data silos.

Harness actionable insights to make healthcare strategies a reality

In response to these needs, NextGen Healthcare launched NextGen® Health Data Hub Insights, a modern and extensible cloud data warehouse powered by Snowflake and phData. The solution simplifies data access, report generation, and analytics (insights) for the HIE community.

HIEs can provide live, ready-to-query data and insights to the point where they can shift from data movers and aggregators to insight generators. With an analytic-ready data set, HIEs can:

  • Easily access, analyze, and understand data
  • Share data more effectively
  • Host data that is secured, usable, available, and reliable
  • Deliver reporting-friendly tools that support all levels of users, from Excel to data scientist/power users

NextGen Health Data Hub Insights provides an analytic library packed with shared data queries, calculations, curated views, data products, and research analytics

HIEs can leverage NextGen Health Data Hub Insights to: 

  • Ensure reporting continuity
  • Demonstrate agility to meet data requirements of their constituents
  • Optimize automation to allow more time for data innovation
  • Take advantage of a reporting library with community-generated, reusable content

HIEs can advance their strategic initiatives to: 

  • Ensure their constituents have equal access to care, research, and technology
  • Deliver the latest in data cloud and data engineering to constituents where this technology is not accessible or cost-prohibitive
  • Offer extensible, agnostic connectors (BI, tools) and consumption-based tools to deliver the data required for effective decision making

With improved self-service analytics, HIEs gain the agility to pivot immediately to address emerging reporting/data use cases. They can use the technology at the level of their data analysts—from descriptive to calculations. NextGen Healthcare also manages the platform, which helps free HIEs to concentrate on their mission to deliver data insights to healthcare organizations.

Click here to learn more about NextGen Health Data Hub Insights.

[i] The healthcare data explosion, RBC Capital Markets,


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Kevin Sigafoes

NextGen Healthcare Solutions Director for Interoperability