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Imagine, for example, a primary care physician (PCP) who sends a patient to a specialty physician such an immunologist. In an ideal world, the PCP will transmit the patient's records to the specialty physician, and that specialist's team will later quickly send over results from an immunologic test, even if the two practices are using different software systems.

NextGen Healthcare's interoperability platform, NextGen® Share, connects our clients with 1.2 million healthcare providers -- the largest provider directory in the United States! Our platform is open and vendor-agnostic, enabling clients to access patient information at every step of the workflow, improving clinical efficiency and strengthening financial and patient outcomes. For example, the timely sharing of information from a blood test conducted at a PCP's office last week can be electronically accessed and used the following week if the patient visits an emergency room – saving time and the cost of unnecessary tests. Additionally, NextGen Healthcare is founding member of Carequality, a national-level common interoperability framework that enables exchange between and among health data sharing networks. Using the NextGen® Share's Carequality service, NextGen® Enterprise users have exchanged over 3 million messages with external systems and organizations.

Our NextGen® Enterprise and NextGen® Office (formerly known as MediTouch) technology accommodates the unique needs of ambulatory practices to help achieve interoperability, patient engagement, regulatory compliance and value-based care delivery. And, our Connected Health Solutions (including former Mirth® products) integrate with existing technology systems within healthcare practices to enable fast, cost-efficient data exchange. In fact, we surveyed our interoperability solutions clients and found that 47 percent of respondents said they can automatically or easily locate patient records – a 32 percent increase from the previous year.

Leveraging interoperability and its ability to connect multiple data streams is crucial. Beyond making it easier for medical professionals to electronically share information with one another and optimize providing patient care, the efficiencies gained can manage costs and help providers more effectively manage their practice.

Meet NextGen Ambient Assist, your new AI ally that generates a structured SOAP note in seconds from listening to the natural patient/provider conversation.

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