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Does onboarding new hires take your seasoned employees away from patients?

Is there a lack of standardized training for new employees to operate your clinical and practice management solutions? 

These pain points can occur when healthcare providers try to squeeze training into their practice’s daily schedule. The answer to this problem is to embrace eLearning.  

A solution vendor that offers eLearning can help your dental organization increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve employee morale. eLearning provides flexibility and scalability, as well as ensures consistency of up-to-date training content, expedient delivery, and lesson repetition to achieve learning goals. 

Top 10 reasons why you should implement eLearning

  1. Train cost-effectively
    eLearning is online, which eliminates costs associated with travel, facilitator fees, catering, and venue rental. eLearning training courses are readily available for new hires. Additionally, content updates can be easily made for new employees.  
  2. Begin training on the first day
    Computer-based eLearning enables new hires to receive instruction on their own without the supervision of another employee. 
  3. Increase time with patients
    Clinical and administrative staff are not diverted from their routine responsibilities. eLearning frees up providers to continue focusing on patients while new hires receive their internet-based training on their own outside the office. 
  4. Decrease overall training time
    eLearning is customizable for role-based training. A streamlined training plan can be prepared for each individual. Instructional content can be accessible to the user regardless of the role. 
  5. Use hands-on scenarios
    Lessons within courses can feature a three-step process. First, new hires receive instruction. Second, they practice what they have learned. Third, they are tested. 
  6. Provide an individualized learning experience
    eLearning allows new hires to learn at their own pace and move from one section of a course to another with ease. 
  7. Maintain digital record-keeping and administration
    New hires register directly onto the Learning Management System (LMS), and administrative staff can access completion reports.
  8. Manage widespread standardization and connection
    New hires, regardless of their geographic locations, can receive training content consistent their peers. 
  9. Receive immediate feedback and recognition
    Interactive components, such as quizzes and branching scenarios, are included in the online courses. New hires receive immediate feedback. This eliminates the need for costly manual feedback or grading from supervisors. 
  10. Receive expert support
    eLearning can feature question and answer sessions, chat rooms, and webinars. These activities can be recorded for future training.

A win-win for all 

It’s clear how eLearning plays a vital function in training for both new and current employees. Dental organizations can get new hires up to speed on clinical and practice management solutions at a low-cost. Well produced online educational content also helps new employees develop the confidence to manage their responsibilities and master the technology they use early on in their tenure. For current employees, eLearning opportunities help boost morale as they engage in professional development courses and sharpen their technical skills. 

From a business standpoint, eLearning helps ensure a better ROI than traditional training courses. New hires can access the instructional content without taking time away from the staff and adding extra responsibilities to their busy schedules.

Did you know?

At QSIDental, eLearning courses are available to help client efficiently train staff. The online training platform delivers, manages, and tracks your staff’s proficiency in dental practice management and clinical software. Our eLearning courses are customized by role to enable each person to receive a streamlined training plan. With QSIDental Web® eLearning, you and your team receive on-demand, self-paced, and role-based training that’s cost-effective.

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David Richard
Director, Learning Management Services